Serve Without the Stress: Big Al’s Labour Saving Solutions

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Introducing our Big Al’s stress saving solutions! We do all of the work so you don’t have to.

We know kitchens are under increased pressure to meet the rise in consumer demand for eating out, with an ongoing chef shortage coupled with the 70,000 people having left the hospitality industry since the pandemic began.

Our range of pre-prepared labour saving solutions for kitchens short on staff includes a variety of frozen and slow-cooked product solutions built to suit an array of kitchen and operational needs without the need for skilled chefs and never compromising on quality.

Let’s explore the ranges below:

Slow-Cooked Range

Our Big Al’s Slow Cooked Range allows outlets to deliver consistently high-quality food whilst reducing the amount of time spent prepping a dish, perfect for kitchens short on staff! Cooked using the sous vide method, our Big Al’s slow-cooked range leaves meat tender, full of flavour and falling off the bone. Pre-portioned, our slow-cooked range keeps profits high and waste low.

Our Big Al’s Slow Cooked Lamb Shank is cooked sous-vide for 5 hours leaving the meat juicy and tender, served with delicious red wine and rosemary gravy.

Our Big Al’s Pulled Pork Sachets are cooked sous-vide for over 6-7 hours, ensuring a tender succulent finish that pulls apart beautifully, paired with a  rich BBQ sauce.

Our Big Al’s Mini Ribs are cooked low and slow to draw out their incredible flavour before being smothered in a delicious smoky BBQ sauce.

Gourmet Burger Range

At Big Al’s, we believe that better burgers start with better beef. We understand the hard work, experience and craft that goes into creating a great burger. With over 50 years of experience in producing burgers, we’ve brought together the highest quality ingredients to create a gourmet range of burgers. Each burger is made from 100% Irish grass-fed beef that is fully traceable from farm to fork.

Our Big Al’s Hereford Burger is seasoned with just a pinch of salt, allowing the succulent Hereford beef flavour to shine through.

Our Big Al’s Black Angus Burger is the perfect combination of delicious 100% Irish grass-fed Black Angus beef, seasoned with cracked black pepper and salt, giving this burger a truly meaty flavour.

Our Big Al’s Prime Burger is made from prime cuts of chuck and brisket beef seasoned with smoked sea salt to deliver a delicious smoked flavour. The meat is tender, juicy and flower-shaped to give a home-made appearance.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear what Tom Reaney, Mastermind and Founder of Burger Bear, an award-winning restaurant in London had to say:

“Having never used frozen burger patties before, I can honestly say I’m super surprised at the amazing outcome. I used the Big Al’s Hereford Burger to showcase some of Burger Bears’ signature builds, and they were so quick and easy to cook! Allowing me to serve high volumes in short periods of time, plus everyone absolutely loved them! They’re a perfect solution for busy periods or if you’re working with reduced staff, I definitely recommend.”


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