Maximise Your Menu: Margin Makers for Pub & Hotel

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Margin Making Menu Solutions

for Pub & Hotel Outlets

We know that 2020 has been a difficult year for the hospitality sector thanks to COVID19.  While during the summer, hospitality outlets were able to take advantage of the government’s incentives towards staycationing and eating out this is no longer an option as people begin to stay put for the colder winter months. In addition, the ongoing uncertainty means that we’re far from free of the economic impacts of the pandemic on hospitality hotspots. With all that in mind, it’s important that pubs & hotels are doing everything they can to look for menu solutions that are not only going to excite customers coming through the door, but also increase spend per head. Is your menu really working as hard as it needs to?

There has never been a better time to refresh your menu by looking at your menu offers and polishing up your menu options overall. To help you do this, we have created a basket full of the ultimate hospitality menu driving products! Specially constructed with your business in mind, we recommend you check out the below options for some fresh ideas and operations-optimising flexible products for your back of house.


Big Al’s Prime BurgersInvesting in named cut burgers such as Chuck and Brisket or named breed burgers such as Hereford can really benefit your business by making your burgers stand out and appear more transparent and trustworthy. Consumers now more than ever before are wanting to trust and understand the provenance of what they are eating, with 70% of consumers saying sourcing of ingredients will be important when considering where to eat.1 This suggests that having our named burger ranges on your menu gives you scope for charging a premium, and boosting overall profits while satisfying new customer needs. Burgers also act as a great menu addition to promote a new delivery menu, so why not offer weekly ‘burger specials’ for your delivery customers? With different builds that are simple yet keep customers engaged.


Big Al’s Hereford BurgerThe Hereford breed is fast emerging and appearing on menus worldwide and hailed by chefs globally for fine-grain marbling and excellent fat coverage. This delicious and tender beefy burger is the perfect solution for maximising your menu, as it’s a firm favourite for all in the pub & hotels sector. Charge a premium with this named breed to boost your overall profit, satisfy your customer’s demands and make your margins all in one delicious menu option.


Big Al’s Mesquite WingsDid you know that wings are now the number 1 appetizer and snack? Wing popularity has done nothing but rise. Our mesquite chicken wings are a margin boosting menu must-have and can be a real revenue driver. A hot customer favourite, they can also work for several menu types as they are versatile and easy to prepare. Our Fully Cooked Mesquite Wings are a perfect balance of mixed savoury, slightly sweet and deliciously smoky flavour, flame-cooked and seasoned with black pepper and paprika for extra tasty flavour. Minimise your operational complication at a time when space is a problem, simply add a dip of your choice and serve up success in your pub or hotel.


Big Al’s Gourmet Pork HotDogOur Gourmet Pork Hotdog stands out from the crowd due to its quality credentials; being beechwood smoked its flavour is guaranteed to leave a delicious, memorable taste in any consumer’s palate and its meaty texture means customers get a real satisfying eat. Team this delicious product with a buttery brioche roll and offer your customers various toppings so they can customise it to suit any taste.  Each case also includes branded packaging, perfect for handing out as a snack at the bar. These step-minimising quick and tasty hotdogs are simple to prepare in the kitchen – even with a reduced staff!


Big Al’s Pulled Pork Topper & Pulled Pork FillerLow and slow sell high & fast. Our deliciously tender slow-cooked pork is pulled and paired with smokey and sweet barbeque sauce. Perfectly prepped to help you minimise steps in your back-of-house operations, this even comes in pre-portioned sachets so you can keep ahold of portion control while you make your margins with our menu optimising products.


There has never been a more important time to re-think menus and adapt your kitchen to reassure staff and customers. We’re committed to being with you all the way, talk to us today to explore our full range of hospitality products, and see how we can help you to adapt and inspire your menu. Explore our full range below.

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Find out how to make your menu work harder than ever before

The effects of Covid-19 are still rippling through foodservice businesses globally, and as a result, your customer’s priorities have changed hugely.

Maximise your menu to make sure it’s doing all the hard work for you, operationally and for cost-efficiency.







1 CGA bespoke research, Together let’s support Britain understanding the new appetite for provenance, 2020.

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