Menu Solutions: 4 Reasons to Go Frozen

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Why Frozen can be an advantage to your business

2020 has thrown us so many curveballs, it feels like we’ve done 360 degrees of pivoting to get to October…and they keep coming. With further increased restrictions being put into place and COVID tightening its grip in the lead up to Christmas, it’s been difficult, upsetting and commercially challenging for all the business owners out there. Which is why we’re cooking up fresh menu solutions to help you navigate these challenges for your business.

Figuring out how to operate safely and successfully whilst also providing ongoing reassurance to consumers and employees is a task currently facing all operators. There has never been a bigger spotlight on food safety and kitchen hygiene. Therefore, it’s all about thinking outside the box for product choices that will aid you to provide back-of-house kitchen solutions. Have you considered going frozen?

4 Advantages of going Frozen

Benefit from better demand planning and portion control, creating more efficiency in your kitchen. The frozen solution will give the products a longer shelf-life whilst also resulting in fewer deliveries and transportation costs. Now more than ever, the Frozen advantage is a great solution for businesses navigating the challenges presented by COVID19. Our range of pre-prepared and cooked product solutions are suited to an array of kitchen and operational needs for operators in businesses that are remaining open and innovating through the various stages of COVID19.



Preparing raw food involves touching multiple surfaces, touchpoints, tools, appliances, and liaising with colleagues. All of which offers a key opportunity for COVID19, germs and bacteria to be transmitted from your premises to colleagues or customers. The goal then is to reduce this threat by limiting the steps involved while also creating the best eating experience for your customer.

Frozen or pre-prepared options simply require opening and cooking & serving, thus reducing the risk of any cross-contamination through kitchen movements. Having reduced cooking steps with pre-prepared products also means that kitchens can afford to run on reduced staff, as fewer cooks will be needed to create dishes. Don’t forget, in addition to reducing cross-contamination, lowering your labor costs and reducing kitchen complexity, the fact that the product is frozen will stop microbiological growth. Resulting in a longer shelf-life for the product. Not only will this support social distancing measures, but it will minimise labour costs, and boost profitability in the process. A welcome thought for any operator in today’s uncertain climate!



With the changeability that COVID19 has brought to us, operators are often in a state of flux. It’s tough to figure out the demand, and even more difficult to guess what stage or what exact restrictions will apply to your local area. All of which has massive impacts on your footfall, till and bottom line.

Our fully cooked and pre-prepped products are sold frozen, with controlled portion sizes. Which means that your chefs won’t need to batch cook, they can focus on getting orders out quickly and will only need to make what they need and need what they make. Our step-minimiser products offer the true frozen advantage which means you can focus on what’s important. Offering a great tasting product that’s popular with all the family, while being prepared for the uncertainty that may impact your business. Get the #Frozenadvantage today with our delicious fully cooked and pre-prepped product ranges.



Safety restrictions globally have been stepped up to a level that we have never seen previously. The health, safety and wellbeing of everyone around us has never been so much at the forefront of our considerations, both personally and professionally. In the current climate, when people walk into an outlet, they don’t want to see a lot of staff or other customers. People are increasingly conscious of COVID19 and eager to go about their business as efficiently with as few contacts as possible. Which means that it’s vital you have a few staff maintaining social distancing with a high transaction speed through your till.

This context has placed intense pressure on operators to find simple kitchen ideas to help ease back of house operational challenges. Which is where we can offer our assistance. Our menu solutions, pre-prepared and fully cooked products allow kitchen staff to quickly and easily prepare the food they need for that day, on that day. In some cases, offering the opportunity for increased output with even less kitchen staff. Which means you can keep the focus on servicing customers with speed and efficiency while boosting your margins and keeping everyone safe.



Even before covid19, staff turnover, the cost of labour and increases in the national living wage are challenges for many operators.

To help ease with operational challenges caused by less staff and increased hygiene routines, it’s vital to keep processes and kitchen set-up simple. All our product ranges aim to minimise the number of steps required in cooking processes. Which means you can reduce the number of staff required in the kitchen – making it easier to maintain social distance in the back-of-house. The frozen advantage also means zero waste, with top quality and consistency and thus enhanced profitability at a time when foodservice businesses need it most.

There has never been a more important time to re-think menus and adapt your kitchen to reassure staff and customers. We’re committed to being with you all the way, get menu solutions that can help your business today with our frozen advantage. Check out some of our products below, and our menu solutions guide for even more product detail.

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Relax with our pre-prepped range

We’ve done the hard work, battering, breading and seasoning to perfection, so your team can focus on serving your valuable customers with speed. Our pre-prepared products are fully cooked, simple to serve, convenient and deliver consistency every time. Ready in just minutes, simply pop in a fryer or oven!

Enjoy a stress-free kitchen with our flame-grilled, fully cooked product range

Reduce your prep and serve time with our flame-grilled and fully cooked range. Cooked using authentic cooking processes for the best taste, including flame grilling, stone baking and beechwood smoking! They can work in any kitchen, either heat in an oven or microwave –it couldn’t be any simpler. There is no need for experienced or additional staff, these are real profit-driving products!



For more insights, top tips and solutions, get our comprehensive menuing solutions for these challenging times



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