The Power of LTOs!

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Where to start?

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. What is an LTO? An LTO is a limited-time offer. These are a simple to implement, yet low-risk and will help to keep your menu fresh, exciting, all while driving customers to your establishment. LTOs can be used during seasonal promotions, real life events or just any time you feel like it! They are such an effective ‘tool’ to have in your ‘toolbox’ and will be sure to help you grow your business now, and in the future. A good place to start with LTOs could be builds such as our Katsu Chicken Burger  made with our versatile Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Burger  as the items required will likely to already be in most kitchens making it both efficient and cost-effective. Have a look at our Get Peckish campaign for builds such as Wings 6 Ways and our Spicy Loaded Chicken Burger for even more inspiration!


Benefits of LTOs and Why are they so important?

LTOs provide a gateway to drive people to your business as mentioned above, but what are some other benefits? LTOs provide establishments the opportunity to trial new products to see how they are received. How often have you seen LTOs become permanent menu staples due to popularity demands? LTOs also offer restaurants the chance to stay relevant and involved with real time events such as the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup or seasonal opportunities such as Christmas themed items. Finally, LTOs provide restaurants with effective, cost efficient and variable opportunities to help grow your business!

Recent research has shown that LTOs, when done properly, can help boost sales up to 20% and that 81% of guests are more likely to visit during an LTO. This emphasizes why LTOs are so important and vital when trying to grow a business! Further studies show that 74% of consumers look forward to trying new food and beverage trends in 2021 and that 41% of consumers say that they prefer exclusive recipes they can’t get anywhere else. So get going with your Limited-Time Offers!


Building successful LTOs and current trends.

Of course all of this is great, but only if it’s done right. So how do we build successful LTOs? The first step is to pick an item that you think will be popular! So what is the most popular dish? According to reports, Burgers! Burgers are the most popular dinner dish out of home and are the 2nd most ordered item on Deliveroo’s 100 most popular dishes, so this would be a good place to start!

You then want to think about when you’re gonna run this LTO, are we targeting real life events such as sporting events or public holidays? This will help to generate buzz and relevancy to customers. After other issues such as pricing and duration are sorted you can now begin to launch your LTO.  Finally, we would recommend using different avenues to show case your new offer such as a posters or tent cards which we at Kepak can help you with. It’s time to get them LTO’s out there!

Get inspired!

Introducing Big Al’s Katsu Chicken Burger

This simple to build burger will not only be convenient to make but will sure to be a hit with your customers!

This recipe concept is so easy to construct, simply place a Breaded Chicken Burgers into the oil and cook for 4 minutes. Then toast your soft brioche bun, mix some sliced vegetables and mayonnaise to make the ‘slaw, layer the bottom of the bun with mayonnaise & top this with some Lettuce. Then place the Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Burger on top of the lettuce and add your slaw. Finally, just add coconut milk to your in-house curry sauce to create the creamy Katsu flavour and top with Katsu Curry Sauce, the Brioche Bun & Serve.



Big Al’s product solutions

Quality You Can Trust – Big Al’s Breaded Chicken Burger is made with 100% Chicken Breast and is free from artificial colours and preservatives.

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