SideKicks: Your New Sales SuperHero!

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4 Ways to Give Your Sales A Kick with Our New SideKicks

We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of sides on menu’s due to over 50% of consumers saying they want more sides featuring unique ingredients and flavours on a menu. To help you meet this demand, we’ve created our New SideKicks range with two delicious flavours! We all know variety is the spice of life and this range offers just that!

Here are 4 ways to boost sales using our new Big Al’s Nacho Cheese Chunk and Big Al’s Mac N’Cheese Bacon Pop

Sides That Pack A Real Kick

Move over dull chips, back of the queue for you ketchup! There’s new sides in town and they’re gonna kick serious tush!

Sides have become gastronomic events that are anticipated almost as fervently as meals. Consumers overall are looking for an explosion of flavour and plenty of sensory excitement. Whether that excitement comes courtesy of an unusual ethnic flavour profile or an enticing texture—crispness or chewiness, for example— the important thing is that the snack be somehow memorable and worth the wait.

Snacking on the Go

Looking for your business to grow? Consumers are back to eating food on the go!

Every daypart is a snack daypart. A wide range of influences – around-the-clock eating, customer demand for flexible portions and prices, pop up food stands and street-food craze, and operators’ need to move beyond price-cutting on core menu items, to name a few – will keep snacking a hot trend.

Check out your menu options, do you have snack-size handhelds, car-friendly packaging and step up their game with grab-and-go offerings? Is this something you could add? The snacking category needs to be supported through marketing, promotions & communications similar to traditional dayparts.


The Art of Meal Deals

Let’s be real, it’s all about that meal deal!

Adding snack items to your menu can really drive sales. Meal deals give you the ability to promote specific menu items, allowing you to include items that provide the most profit for your business! Whilst meal deals involve discounting an item, it entices consumers to purchase more than if the items were not bundled together!

The beauty of meal deals is that consumers are given a greater variety and have a greater perceived value of your business as they got a great “deal” making them more likely to come back for more!


Small Plates and Sharing Platters

It’s not the party that matters, it’s all about what’s on those sharing platters!

In recent years snack foods and sharing plates have been turned into meals in their own right. Dining occasions are becoming less defined, with consumers increasingly eating up to five smaller meals per day – which offers a significant opportunity for operators to tap into the snack foods market and boost food sales across all day-parts.

By adding something different to your small plates and sharing platters, it offers consumers a new and exciting taste whilst giving operators a point of difference against competitors.


Learn more about the new additions to our SideKicks range!


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