The Importance of Storytelling on your Menu

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Storytelling is an effective way to appeal to your customer.

Did you know that 70% of consumers say sourcing of ingredients is important when considering where to eat.

Having named breed burgers on your menu gives you the opportunity to charge a premium and boost overall profits while satisfying new customer needs. Research shows that people want more information and transparency when it comes to the dishes and ingredients they are being served.

An effective way to appeal to customers is highlighting the provenance of the products on your menu with a clear statement such as: Our beef patties are made using locally sourced Hereford beef. Companies like Gourmet Burger Kitchen are already utilising provenance on their menu to showcase their British beef, clearly outlining where the beef is from and calling out what cuts of beef are used.

Other smaller operators such as Rule of Tum are also promoting their beef background with names like “The Hereford Hop” as seen on their menu.

The Importance of Food Origin for Consumers.

Changes as a result of Brexit and the fallout of Covid-19, consumers are increasingly looking to have locally sourced products. This will have an impact on where consumers choose to eat and is therefore the ideal time to appeal to them by promoting British and Irish beef.

Who is Behind the Brand?

Storytelling goes beyond the product as consumers are increasingly interested in the background of the business itself. In a similar way to wanting local products, consumers want to support local businesses in general. Knowing the back story of a company helps consumers create an emotional attachment to the brand.

There are lots of different ways operators can share their story and beef background.

Some examples from foodservice brands include Burger & Beyond using their menu space to give a snapshot of how they first started, whilst Honest Burgers is using their Instagram grid to tell their story and give consumers a bit of insight into their suppliers.

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Explore our Big Al’s Gourmet Burger Range

The Prime Burger is created using named cuts of chuck and beef brisket from grass-fed Irish cattle and seasoned with smoked sea salt giving a delicious flavour and a tender meat texture for the juiciest stacks.

The Hereford Burger is packed full of flavour using beef from the Hereford breed. Chefs love this breed for its fine-grain marbling and excellent fat coverage, which ensures delicious flavoursome meat that will melt in your mouth.

The Black Angus Burger is the perfect combination of delicious Black Angus beef, seasoned with cracked black pepper and salt giving this burger a truly meaty flavour. Black Angus is one of the most marketed beef breeds in the world and is recognised by both chefs and customers for its natural marbling ability, meaning the meat is tender and bursting full of flavour.

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