Takeaway Christmas: Sharing Platters & Christmas Home Boxes

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Your customers have had a long year, from dealing with the stress caused by COVID19’s measures at work to consistent re-adjusting to remote working measures while trying to keep all the family occupied. It’s a fine balancing act that has families, bubbles and homes everywhere struggling to keep adjusted. But it’s not all bad and with a new lifestyle, comes new eating opportunities. For savvy foodservice operators, there are some golden opportunities here to meet this trend.

Why not jump on the Food to Share trend?

This Christmas let’s help give the cook a break by offering Sharing platters or Sharing boxes. Help your customers to embrace this increased together-time and minimise the stress of cooking and meal preparation by offering some delicious family favourite-full Sharing platters that will have everyone running to the kitchen table!

There are so many great ways to execute this, you’re only limited only by your creativity. And if we know anything about our customers, it’s that you all are a seriously innovative bunch!


Here are 6 top tips to get you started on planning your new Sharing Platter or Box Today

 1. Sharing the food, but none of the profit

When you’re building your platter, make sure you consider key factors such as consistency. So you can continue to create that same great product every time and keep your customers’ expectations as high as they ever were. Another one to consider is profit, adding products which are flexible enough for multiple product builds as well as cost-effective. Browse our product range for more ideas. We also have a maximise your menu guide, with one for every channel of business so you’re sure to get the best of advice no matter what your foodservice business. Check out our Maximise Your Menu Guides.

 2. Packaging for Delivery Success & Delivery Done Best

Don’t forget, these exciting sharing boxes and platters need to be robust enough for easy delivery and great presentation. Your customers are going to be eagerly awaiting their package, especially when trying out a new product. When they receive their package, it’s important to maintain that sense of excitement, so think about what’s going to work well to make that moment a special one. For more great delivery advice around packaging for delivery success, we have some guidance right here. 

 3. Sharing Platters with a Key Difference

When it comes to best in class sharing platters, It’s essential to think about what’s going to set you aside from your competitors. Even before 2020, sharing platters were enjoying increased success as customers looked for smaller tapas-style dishing as they dined out. Our partners in TUCO published their Global Food Trend Report backing up this key insight.

“Tapas, sharing platters and bites are becoming the norm…This also reflects the preference for eating little and often and whenever, versus three square meals… Whether they’re engaging with the story behind their food or its health benefits, and whether they’re sharing virtually or physically, these consumers are looking for additional meaning to drive their interactions with food because it gives them purpose”

After everything that 2020 has brought us, while we can’t engage with sharing platters in the traditional sense of serving in-outlet, there is an interesting opportunity to support the trend amongst bubbles, homes and groups who are quarantining together. While this concept is not entirely new for your customers, it’s going to be very important that you deliver a sharing platter that sets you apart from other options and delivers on the oomph!

Check out our product range to get those creative juices flowing here.

4. Sharing Platters & The Frozen Advantage

Want to try out this new trend for your outlet but unsure about how popular it might be? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Many of our Big Al’s products come with the Frozen Advantage, which you can read more about right here. With everything from reduced preparation time to keeping your kitchen simple, our delicious fully cooked range comes with some significant advantages. When it comes to trying out a brand new product solution like sharing platters among your customers, we think the Frozen advantage can help you to make what you need and minimise any wastage while being prepared for the increased demand.

5. Unlimited Sharing Box/Platter Options for any Skillset

You’re only limited by your creativity, when it comes to sharing platters, thanks to Big Al’s Fully Cooked Range! Our family favourite flame cooked range arrives fully cooked and frozen, and is easily prepped. This means that if you don’t have a fully trained chef, no problem. You will still achieve that same great tasting product every single time. Keep it simple with a product range you know and trust from the good food experts here at Kepak Foodservice.

6. Presentation Matters

We know you know this, but we’re going to say it again! Presentation matters every bit as much as if your customer was in your outlet. Grab yourself some serious repeat business as customers try out this new product offering and then repeat their business for every upcoming social event (post lockdown restrictions easing) or whenever the chef in their bubble needs a break. Your sharing platter offering will become a new eating event for your customers, so why not give them something they can truly look forward to? And, because sharing platters are a fun way for you to bring something new to your customers, we’re sure you’re going to be very popular in your local community for giving the Christmas cook a break for the evening


Thinking about you can jump on this trend? Take a look at some of our product range below, custom selected for their flexibility and ability to be worked into multiple builds while you work out your new Sharing platter or Sharing box!

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