Delivery Done Well: How to ensure your products travel well

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With delivery it can be difficult to ensure your customers receive their meal in the same intended condition it left the kitchen – as the food can become disjointed or lose heat and desired texture on the journey. A key aid to help with this issue is using the correct packaging.

For delivery, packaging can be just as important as the food when it comes to achieving an overall great eating experience for your customer – for example, if your burger is not packaged in a secure burger box while being delivered, it may fall apart on the journey and therefore result in a bad experience for your customer – first impressions are key.

Packaging can also act as a branding differentiating tool, helping to prevent the loss of brand identity when using third-party delivery services such as Deliveroo or Just Eat. Outlets should use delivery packaging as an opportunity to communicate and re-connect with customers, providing a more personal experience.

Top 5 reasons why food packaging is so important for successful food delivery:

Testing your products in your packaging choice is essential to ensure your products travel well. One of the most common delivery staples is the much-loved burger. We’ve put our burgers to the test, and we have the right burger range with options for every business type: classic burgers, gourmet burgers, and flame-cooked burgers. All are ideal for achieving a delicious hot juicy burger perfect for delivery.


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