Are you catering for your future potential customers?

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Discover the four consumer personas set to emerge by 2023!

Each persona is built on a set of values rather than specific demographic groups, they are motivated by new energy and purpose following several challenging years. Consumers have developed new priorities and skills after navigating difficulties and dealing with an uncertain future. As far as future-proofing goes, it is vital that operators prepare now to meet the demands of these driven consumers in the near future.

The Collective Visionaries: this purpose-driven group will apply their activist and community-focused mindset to create and support food businesses, brands and programmes aimed at solving food sustainability solutions.

The Rooted Transcendents: building a strong foundation of mental and physical health from ancient and natural solutions firmly planted in the earth, The Rooted Transcendents are a grounded group seeking a holistic and sustainable path to personal and planetary wellness.

The Everyday Optimisers: with an intense need for safety and security, Everyday Optimisers will manage their lives, families and households with an eye on budget, convenience and versatility, trusting tech-enabled services to routinise daily diets.

The Sensory Seekers: armed with new skills, Sensory Seekers are driven, passionate and searching for high-sensorial experiences. Rejecting the status quo, they are looking for the new within the new and thrive on the discovery of new flavours and dishes.


Make your menu future-fit!

Ensure you’re meeting the needs of future customer persona’s using our Big Al’s Future of Burgers Trends Report! The report includes everything you need to know to do burgers better for the future.


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