The Benefits of Social Media Giveaways

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If you spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media sites, I’m sure you’ve come across competitions before. There are several benefits to social media engagement competitions when done correctly and effectively.

When a competition is run effectively it is a great way to connect and build a strong following on your social media page(s).

There are several types of interactive social media competitions such as a ‘user-generated content’ promotion. Where you get followers to like and comment on a photo or video to be entered into the competition, this is a great way to interact with your audience and for people to interact with your brand.

With the possibility of winning a prize, many people are willing to share their information with you as part of the entry to the competition.

Before creating any social media giveaway make sure to spend some time researching and planning your competition & audience, and you will see a great return of social engagement and followers.

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