Satisfy student’s appetite this semester

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The start of the new semester and the new university year offers operators with the ideal opportunity to refresh their menu offering. Considering the needs of the customers is the first factor to address and from there, operators can shape their meal offerings. Today’s consumers – especially millennials and students, are looking to be stimulated by innovative and interesting food options, that are available throughout the day and easy to eat while on the move.

Diverse diners

To tap into the ever-expanding morning market, we have recently launched our new Breakfast Twists! Comprised of bacon, cheese, and egg wrapped in fresh Italian dough, Big Al’s Breakfast Twists are ready to eat in just 60 seconds from frozen and are served in hand-held packaging, perfect on-the-go.

No longer are we tied to specific meal times and dayparts, instead, the eating day has become much more fluid. Students have much less of a structured day and more often prefer to eat when they can and while on the move. Our products can be served throughout the day and can be adapted for those who are looking for a light snack to grab on the move or for those looking for a meal to enjoy in between lectures.

Fast and fresh

Younger consumers expect to get what they want when they want it. With Big Al’s products, you can serve food ready to order. Quick and easy to prepare the pre-cooked frozen range is all available to serve in minutes – ideal for busy university outlets.

Top trends for top profits

One of the prominent challenges university caterers face is catching students’ attention and luring them away from competitive high-street outlets. By being innovative and up to date with flavour combinations and dish builds, caterers will entice consumers into their outlets.

With Big Al’s branded concepts, you can compete with your off-campus counterparts and offer students trend-led experiences. We have strong experience from implementing food concepts in various university bars and eateries through installing graphics and branding. To make students feel they are part of an immersive dining experience. Check out our recently launched Concepts Guide and start your Big Al’s journey now!

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