Delivery Done Well: How to promote your food menu online

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How to Promote Your Food Menu Online & How to market your food menu to a customer you’re not seeing


So you’ve gone online, and now you’re trying to figure out what your next steps are. Whether you went online pre-covid, or you’re just finished getting set up with our online ordering package (Check out our online ordering package here to get signed up within minutes if you’ve not gone online yet) the next big thing is the menu. The challenge then, is the increasingly crowded digital market, how do you make your menu stand out to a customer online? Check out our top five tips below.


5 great ways to drive engagement include:

Clear Messaging & Communication Channels – Make sure your menu is easily findable on the website. It’s important that your online platforms, including your website, have clear messaging & advertising to promote your delivery menu. An easy way to do this is by adding a web banner on your homepage or a pop-up advertisement on your site. Ensure that your menu is easily is clearly visible and never too complicated, or further away than a single click.

User Experience – The goal is to make your online ordering process as intuitive as possible with minimum fuss and hassle. It’s super important that your customers quickly understand the ordering process, from product to basket, to checkout. Otherwise, you will cause frustration, with your customer’s online ordering time increasing and causing a negative experience as they try to find their way around the site.  It’s super important to nail this, as poor user experiences can lead to your customers going elsewhere.

Offer online discounts, meal bundle deals or weekly specials – If you are changing up your products or incorporating a new menu offering, promote these through online deals or incentives. For example, ‘Get 10% off when you order online’ provides an incentive for your online customers.

Engage with your social media channels – Promote dishes on your menu using your own business social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You could even include previous customers’ positive feedback or testimonials. Social media is a proven tool for many restaurant owners to generate even more online orders. It will also help you support, create and engage with a loyal community that’s dedicated to your business. These customers will often also act as brand ambassadors through like & share competitions and other social sharing methods.

Encourage customers to share and engage on their social platforms – Each customer interaction gives you an opportunity to increase your online social media audience by tapping into their own personal following. For example, every time your customer comments or tags a friend in your post, their network of connections is more likely to see this post. For a quick and simple way to grow your online audience of potential customers, why not encourage your consumers to promote and share pictures of their meals,? For example, include a ‘share your snaps’ message on your delivery packaging or receipts to grow your audience quickly.

If you’re thinking that all these ideas sound great, but you’re not sure where to get started or if you even have the time to take on social media marketing. Why not check out our Managed Marketing Services? Get your business signed up and have a team of dedicated and experienced experts take over your outlet’s marketing for a fraction of the normal cost.

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For more delivery insight, top tips and solutions, get our comprehensive online food ordering and delivery guide.


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