Breaking Out the BBQ: Recipe Ideas Ahead of BBQ Season

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How food operators can tap into the BBQ trend, using sauces, slaws and sides

In the month of May, it’s time to truly embrace the start of summer with Barbeque! The barbeque month marks the beginning of T shirt tan, packed pub gardens and the smell of freshly cut grass. Some things just scream summer, but nothing does it in quite the same way as a barbeque. The quintessential British barbeque is go-to for foodservice operators through warmer months, so stock up for summer!

Meat’s back on the menu, burgers, wings and sausages comprise some of the barbeque classics and the success of any barbeque will rest on how appealing you can make these. There are no two ways about it, these are your hero pieces. Big Al’s love a barbeque; our range cook from frozen and provide unrivalled taste and quality.

However, the theatre of a meal is still paramount for customer enjoyment and so it’s of equal importance that you supplement your main offer with additional extras that take your barbeque that extra mile.

The Three S’s

Sauces, ‘slaws and sides separate the amateur burger ‘n’ bun barbeque from an offer that will draw in friends and families and grab the attention of new customers for your venue.

We speak a lot about premiumisation and personalisation, but with good reason. It is by far the most relevant, prevalent trend capturing the attention of millennials across the UK. There are certain cuisines that lend themselves well to this, with Americana and Mexican comprising two of them. However, barbeques centre around many of the same options; burgers, wings and ribs and steak, so this trend is applicable for your summer seasonal occasions

The restaurant sector has honed in on this and we’re seeing a host of chains popping up offering year-round barbeque options including, you guessed it, the sauces, sides and ‘slaws. Slaw is defined by raw, chopped vegetables which introduce fresh, healthy elements both of which compliment the modern customer’s taste.

Equally, we’ve moved on from ketchup and mayo. Garnish your food offer with relishes, chutneys and dips to provide an experience full of innovative flavours. Spice and fruit infused sauces add an extra kick that your day-to-day condiments simply can’t. Sides such as potato salads and buffet-style salad carts mean your barbeque is so much more than just a myriad of meat, as well as providing an option for vegetarians choosing to frequent your venue.

However, nothing scratches the side dish itch like pulled pork. It is popular on a host of menu options and adds a premium to classic barbeque dishes. However, pulled pork comes into its own when served on top of nachos and other side dishes, which remain popular at every occasion throughout the year.

Don’t forget these tasty toppers and your barbeque will prove an absolute scorcher, even if the British summer weather isn’t!



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