New Year, New Menu Resolutions

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Having spent December overindulging, many of us will be looking to start the New Year on a healthier note, to counteract a truly calorific Christmas. By offering lighter, fresher options on your menu you can tap into the wellness trend in 2017.

Adding a few easy to make, healthier-options will help your dishes appeal to a wider demographic, and in turn drive food sales. It will also help prove wrong the myth that healthy eating can only happen at home – highlighting the fact consumers can enjoy having a meal out, as well as sticking to their New Year’s resolutions.

Big Al’s Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets are a truly versatile ingredient for dishes that offer a ‘better for you’ twist. Marinated and grilled over charcoal, these succulent and tasty pieces of chicken can be added to salads, risottos, rice dishes and wraps. They also cook from frozen in just two minutes – ideal for customers looking for a quick, protein based dish that ticks the health box.

Here’s Big Al’s pick of three tasty, low-cal Chargrilled Chicken recipes!

Chicken Super Food Salad

Pack your salad full of super fresh, super nutritious ingredients like beetroot, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach and avocado. Sprinkle a few spoonful’s of seeds or grains like quinoa or spelt and toss in Big Al’s Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets for a delicious, diet-friendly dish.

Fresh Fajita

Wraps are an ideal snacking solution whatever your outlet type. Nod towards the Mexicana trend with a fresh and healthy take on a fajita. Fill a wholemeal wrap with Big Al’s Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets tossed in fajita spice and add avocado, natural yogurt, sliced peppers, cheese and a squeeze of lime-juice for flavour.

Chicken Jewel Salad

Mix couscous with pomegranate seeds, chopped tomatoes, mixed greens and Big Al’s Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets for a middle-eastern inspired dish that’s super easy to make whilst containing natural ingredients that will appeal to January diners.


Don’t forget…During January, consumers are often rather cautious about dining out and will be watching the pennies – after arguably the most expensive month of the year. In order to combat this, consider offering meal deals and promotions to entice them into your outlet, for example provide a soft drink and a salad or wrap for a fixed price.

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