The Breakfast Of Champions

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As we approach the busy festive season, consumers are more willing to eat out of home and socialise with family and friends. With more and more choosing to dine out at breakfast and brunch, ensure your morning menu appeals to all customers. Whether it’s an instant grab and go solution or an indulgent brunch to enjoy over a catch up, Big Al’s products are versatile items you need to meet all your customers’ needs.

Big Al’s Breakfast Twist
Stone-oven baked and comprised of bacon, cheese and egg wrapped in fresh Italian dough, a Big Al’s Breakfast Twist is ready to eat in just 60 seconds from frozen and allow operators to serve customers the authentic taste of Italy in a flash.

A delicious menu item that can be enjoyed easily on the go, or built into a sit down breakfast meal, including a hot drink and salad, the Breakfast Twist provides an innovative and interesting food option that is different to something consumers enjoy at home.

Big Al’s Sausage Patty
Made from fully cooked pork and flame grilled for a delicious taste, the Big Al’s Sausage Patty is ready to serve from frozen in under a minute. An adaptable product, the Sausage Pattie can again be enjoyed on the go or as a glorious breakfast offering.

Add these two tempting builds to your menu today:
Classic build: KaterBake English Breakfast Muffin, Big Al’s Sausage Patty, cheese slice and Framptons muffin omelette

Brunch build: toasted brioche bun, Big Al’s Sausage Patty, spinach, cheese slice, poached egg and hollandaise sauce (for a festive touch, serve with a side of cranberry sauce and swap the cheese slice for Camembert!)

As with all Big Al’s products, the Sausage Patty and Breakfast Twist is well suited to a variety of sectors, from stadia and leisure, through to universities and pubs – get the popular items in your outlet now!

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