Do Burgers Better – Better Quality, Less Waste, More Profit

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Do Burgers Better

Better Quality, Less Waste, More Profit.

There has never been a more important time to do burgers better! It’s simple, better quality burgers mean better profit for your business, more happy customers, and increased likelihood of repeat purchase – it’s a win-win! With the effects of Covid-19 meaning operators have had to adapt their offerings, we’ve seen people’s love for burgers prevail. They have thrived throughout numerous Covid lockdowns and remained at the core of many consolidated menus across the hospitality industry.


We promise better beef, so you can serve better burgers!

We have always believed that a better burger starts with better beef, and that’s why we pride ourselves on providing premium quality, 100% Irish & British beef for each and every burger. This quality assurance has never been more important than it is now, as 70% of consumers say quality and sourcing of ingredients is now more important when considering where to eat.1

We therefore only want to provide the very best quality beef and so, ensure all our burgers undergo 240 quality checks before they land in your kitchen, ensuring great taste and standard every time.

The importance of trust & provenance

Research suggests that consumers are seeking out offerings that reflect a sense of trust, with half of consumers willing to pay a premium for products with high-quality assurances.2

By serving Big Al’s burgers, you can not only rest assured you are serving quality beef but can also include our range provenance claims that’ll elevate your menu descriptors. Claims such as ‘grass-fed beef that’s 100% traceable from farm to fork’ will ultimately increase customer trust and provide opportunity to demand a better price!

We only work with a select number of beef suppliers and we don’t buy on price; we buy on quality. Our traceability technology means we can trace all our beef right back to the farm it came from. This means you can rest assured you are serving the best quality beef every time.

Boost your profits

In an ever-changing market, it has become increasingly difficult for operators to accurately predict footfall and demand plans for the smooth running of their business both front of house and back of house. This is why pre-prepared and frozen products provide ideal solutions for the future! Our Big Al’s burgers take the complexity out of burger prep, giving you flexibility in the kitchen to serve consistently great burgers regardless of footfall. Using frozen also means you only use what you need when you need it, resulting in less waste and lost profits!


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