3 Steps to Menuing your Burger

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Master your Menu by figuring out how you can menu your burger

It’s not enough to just create crave-able burgers; they need to be clearly named and communicated to guests. A specially-named burger adds a bit of fun and generates memorability that leads to repeat visits. When talking about burgers on the menu, it’s important that the names reflect the tone of the restaurant and the other available dishes. The dish’s name is a form of advertising, so both the name and description should do their best to sell the burger. Icons and callouts are also excellent ways to highlight key selling points.



Modern consumers are becoming increasingly selective about the provenance of their food. Origin labelling can have a considerable influence on your customers perception and purchasing decisions. You can localise your ingredients based on where you source your buns and cheese products from. Keep it local by using a regional cheese or mentioning the local bakery you’re partnered with to add a community feel to your menu. Showcasing global flavours is also significant on your menu. Today’s consumers continue to expand their palates, seeking out new ethnic foods and flavours. So if you give a dish a global label calling out the spices, seasoning or origin of ingredients, guests will perceive it as more authentic and will be excited to try the diverse and unique flavour.


A great quality burger is versatile and works with so many side plates and drinks. But just offering regular fries and a drink isn’t always enough. What other options are on your menu to offer customers more choice and make you more profit? Consider “Trade Ups” or “Go Large” options when taking customers orders. Offer sweet potato or loaded fries instead of regular fries or offer a milkshake over a soft drink. Customers will appreciate more choice for just a small additional cost, which increases the spend value of their meal in your outlet. Another way to offer more is through limited time offers or themed events ie. ‘BOGOF’ or a ‘Burger Night’.


54% of burger eaters see customisable toppings as core to the gourmet burger experience.9

Why not offer your customers the option to customise or build their own burger with a list of pre-selected toppings, cheeses and sauces on your menu? Giving your guests the flexibility to build their own burger means they can play around with different combinations each time they visit! Regardless of the ingredients added, the quality of the core beef patty will ensure it’s a great tasting burger!

Personalisation is a worth-while way to give your customers a more exciting eating experience, but also has commercial benefit to your business. Inviting customers to add additional toppings for a pre-disclosed price is a simple way to boost margin.


We know that menuing can be a big decision so why not get in touch with us today? We can work with you to find the perfect burger and how to menu it to suit your business, contact us here.

1 Source: Mintel, ‘Gourmet Burger Sector Report’ 2016.

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