Big Al’s New Products 2017: Introducing the Chicken Fillet and Breakfast Twist

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Say ‘hello’ to the latest additions to our­­ Big Al’s range, ­­ our Breakfast Twist and Chicken Fillet.

We’ve long been believers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, as the pace of life quickens and consumers live their lives increasingly on-the-go, people just don’t have the time for that sit-down meal first thing.

Diners still recognise the need to eat breakfast, they’re just choosing to grab something to eat as they travel or to bring to their desk with them. Big Al’s Breakfast Twist are easily portable, served in carrier packaging that makes them the ideal early morning solution.

It’s a novel concept, and that uniqueness will help you target millennials while, in the same breath, giving your food offer a social media boost with interesting, innovative offers often the most social media friendly.

The Breakfast Twist is stone baked, made in Italy using fresh dough and can be regenerated in just a minute – this means you can serve customers an authentic taste of Italy at the drop of a hat.

The Chicken Fillet is our next newcomer. Consumers are also increasingly eager for healthy dining options. Typically, speed, convenience and health have not been an easy solution, which is exactly why we’ve developed the Chicken Fillet that fits high-protein and gluten-free demands, while still cooking in under a minute. Steam cooked and 100% chicken breast, these are the real deal when it comes to offering customers a unique option that meets both diet and budget needs.

Spring is almost here which necessitates some lighter menus. Chicken Fillets are adaptable, working in salads, wraps or in whichever recipe you choose – so get creative!

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