The Frozen Opportunity – Trends and Opportunities in the UK Foodservice Market

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Frozen food has become increasingly popular in recent years, highlighted by a £650m increase in the sector value since 2011[1] with frozen food now commanding 32.6% of the foodservice market share[2]. The convenience of the frozen opportunity is key to its success – quality frozen food allows caterers to offer customers a consistently high-quality menu, all year round. What’s more, having a well-stocked freezer means never having to disappoint a single customer.

More and more perceived as a hero product in kitchens, frozen food offers a significant profit opportunity for operators. The versatility of some frozen products makes them a convenient way for operators to serve up tasty, on-trend dishes, cooked to order – consequently making their kitchens more efficient and cost-effective.

Not only is there an understanding that frozen food has both front of house and commercial benefits, it also means less staff time is spent on preparation enabling more creative energy can be spent creating exciting menus, full of interesting and original builds. Innovative menus will drive customer retention, up weighted footfall, and encourage repeat visits.

Quick and easy to prepare, Big Al’s range of pre-cooked frozen products are ready to serve in minutes, and are the ideal solution for busy outlets. The fully cooked range requires only a microwave for cooking and freezer for storage, with the added benefit of their preparation simplicity negating the need for a skilled chef or large scale catering facilities, helping keep wastage to an absolute minimum. From Big Al’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Flame Cooked Beef Burgers, Chicken Fillets and Pizza Twists, Big Al’s has a product to suit all customer’s taste buds. Additionally, our first raw product – The Prime Burger – made with 100% Irish and grass–fed chuck and brisket beef, cooks from frozen on a hotplate or grill or in an oven in just six minutes, allowing operators to deliver a premium taste and flavour experience cooked to order.

Explore our delicious frozen range today!

[1] BFFF Frozen Food Report 2, May 2016

[2] CGA Strategy, October 2015

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