Maximise Your Menu: Margin Makers for Food-To-Go

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Margin Making Menu Solutions

for Food-to-Go Outlets

Food-to-go outlets have been some of the most resilient businesses in adapting, re-opening and re-adapting to wave two and continued uncertainties that we’re all facing on a continual basis through 2020. Consumers are slowly re-introducing themselves to old habits such as grabbing a morning coffee, lunch on the go or even a snack before catching the train home.

Old day parts are returning, with a whole new host of daypart options open and created by the new normal of remote workers or those working partially in office and from home. With new routines, comes new opportunities for the savvy food-to-go operator, and your product basket has to be as flexible as you are to take full advantage of these new opportunities.

With products packed with consumer appeal, our thoroughly researched and in-demand products are operationally consistent as well as premium quality. With Kepak, you never have to worry about your product performance which lets you get on with the important bit. The running of the business!

To make sure your business is at the forefront of customers’ minds when choosing which outlet to visit, we’ve pulled together your ultimate ‘go to’ product basket for getting customers through the door! Some of these key menu driving products include:


Big Al’s Flame Cooked BurgersOur Big Al’s Fully Cooked Burger range is flame-grilled for delicious taste and made with 100% British & Irish beef. They are the perfect solution for outlets with reduced staff and minimise the handling of food products in the kitchen. These burgers act as the perfect answer for food-to-go outlets with restricted preparation space, all while providing consistency and delivering on flavour and quality.


Big Al’s Classic Range Chicken FilletsOur succulent coated Chicken Fillets are ideal as a burger, sliced in a salad and of course in the much-loved chicken fillet roll! They come with a delicious breaded finish and are made with 100% chicken breast. The range can be oven cooked and includes flavours from Classic to Southern Fried and Hot’n’Spicy. As our products arrive frozen, this helps reduce food wastage and enhance profitability.

Big Al’s Chicken ChunksFor the tastiest snack that keeps all your customers coming back. Big Al’s Chicken Chunks make the perfect addition to any meal. Our wholesome Chicken Chunks are made with 100% chicken breast in tender, juicy pieces. The light, tempura batter coating gives them a contemporary appeal for every customer, from families with kids, to couples who enjoy sharing platters. This menu option is not only quick to prepare in your back of house, but it works for everyone!


Big Al’s Chicken WingsWing popularity has done nothing but rise, popular in many day parts and a firm family favourite, our chicken wings are a margin boosting menu must have. Available in many flavours and flexible for all applications, make your menu work harder with our Fully Cooked products that are free from MSG & Palm Oil. Minimise operational complication at a time when space is a problem, simply add a dip of your choice and serve.


Big Al’s Chicken Tenders & Chicken GoujonsFor the tastiest snack that keeps all your customers coming back. Our delicious chicken tenders are made from 100% juicy, tender chicken breast and wrapped in a light yet flavourful coating. Fully Cooked and free of artificial colours and preservatives, this product is fully flexible and ready to be used in multiple recipes and builds today. Don’t forget, they’re also perfect for multiple dayparts and popular with all the family!


When it comes to your must-have food-to-go menu items, these are just a sample of what we have on offer! Explore our full range below.

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Find out how to make your menu work harder than ever before

The effects of Covid-19 are still rippling through foodservice businesses globally, and as a result, your customer’s priorities have changed hugely.

Maximise your menu to make sure it’s doing all the hard work for you, operationally and for cost-efficiency.



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