Liven Up Your Burger Offering

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Offering quick-to-prepare, tasty hot snacks is the ideal way to satisfy hungry customers and keep them in your pub for longer.

Burgers can also be livened up with additional ingredients to keep your menu fresh and exciting for customers.

“While Big Al’s burgers are delicious served simply on a bun, it is also worth considering serving different accompaniments to add variety,” explains UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson. “You could add blue cheese, jalapenos, onion rings or bacon, or try serving limited edition burgers with themed ingredients added – for example, add salsa, jalapenos and guacamole to create a Mexican-themed burger.”

Or why not try these burger suggestions below? Using only simple ingredients, they will add an extra level of tasty satisfaction to your burger offering, bringing customers back to your outlet time and time again.

The Big Al’s Mighty Burger


Ingredients & Build (from bottom to top)

Tips; Serve with wedges or fries for a more complete meal. Add bacon for extra flavour.

The Big Al’s Double Stack Burger


Ingredients & Build (from bottom to top)

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