How has the pandemic changed how consumers start their day?

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500 Irish consumers were surveyed to identify new habits and attitudes for the breakfast occasion. The report produced by DeliFrance provides insights into the FTG and OOH markets and the opportunity for growth in these channels.

We’ve read the report so you don’t have to! Here are the key takeaways for you and your business:

■  With the rise of Covid, its lockdowns have made breakfast a more frequent meal in the lives of consumers with 24% of respondents saying they eat breakfast more frequently than before.

■  Although the majority eat at home, this is positive news for the OOH economy as it continues to grow with 18–24-year-olds driving this new growth. (38% eat OTG foods a few times a week.)

■  Studies also show that weekends are the best time for OOH cooked breakfasts with a 44% increased frequency rate.

■  33% of OTG purchases are made in Café chains.

■  Average price of OTG breakfast is €5.23 euro which is a 60% decrease on the average price of dine-in breakfasts that total to €8.51

■  15% of consumers focus on saving money on morning breakfasts.

■  48% of respondents said they book their breakfast in advance, while 38% said they pay at the eating occasion when eating out of home.

■  27% of consumers (1 in 4) select their weekend breakfasts because they feel like a treat.


What does this Breakfast report means for FTG operators?

This new report shows that the FTG market has a unique opportunity to grow due to drastic changes to the attitudes and behaviours of consumers caused by the pandemic. The pandemic has led to more people work from home with more people eating breakfast on a consistent basis. This trend has continued despite many consumers working in a hybrid role balancing virtual and in-person working. This means more consumers are eating on to go when heading into the office or on the way to their college campuses. This new spike in demand has been driven by the younger generation with 38% of 18–24-year-old respondents in the report admitting to eating on the go a few times a week, the highest percentage of any age category surveyed.

This report also highlighted that the food to go is a much more viable breakfast occasion option for consumers in terms of time management and costs. The average price of food to go breakfasts being 60% less than dine options is a clear example this. This convenience that Food to Go options offer are one of the many factors in the rise and success of the FTG market.

Another significant insight that may impact FTG operators was that consumers are more likely to subscribe to a loyalty program than to eat in different places when on the go and this could be a key innovation within the industry in the years to come.

How can we help?

The Breakfast occasion is important to us at Big Al’s, so much so that we created a campaign centered around it!  Our Breakfast Matters Campaign promotes the importance of the first meal of the day for consumers!

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Source: Irish breakfast Report – Consumer’s Habits and Trends | Délifrance UK (

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