Give Your Menu the Pecked Effect with our Hot Hot Hot Boxes!

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The nations clucking crazy for chicken!

There’s no denying the fact that we’re a nation of chicken lovers, with research showing chicken as being the most popular meat in the UK, and the 2nd most popular dish in Ireland!

  1. Both Irish adults and children when asked named a chicken dish within their top 2 of favourite meal types
  2. Within the Food To Go market, chicken has been named as being the most popular to-go sandwich filling choice for UK consumers.

However, with the world getting back into full swing, and foodservice innovation around every corner, now is the time for operators to really think outside the box… or inside the box? Try something new to keep consumers engaged and coming back for more – Introducing your ultimate chicken Hot Box solutions!

Say Hello to Simple Yet Sensational Hot Boxes!

Hot Boxes are the perfect to-go solution for operators; they’re simple, easy, and cost-effective to put together while allowing operators to get creative and WOW their customers with something new! Nowadays, most consumers have an ‘on-the-go’ flexible lifestyle, but they still want tasty food packed with flavour to enjoy at mealtimes. Hot boxes are the perfect way to play around with cuisines and allow operators to adapt quickly to market trends.

Big Al’s Product Range

Our Big Al’s Deli Range Fillets are fully cooked and made with 100% succulent chicken breast meat and are also Palm Oil and MSG free and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Our Deli Fillet range comes in 3 Options, our Big Al’s Plain Breaded Chicken Fillets, Big Al’s Hot N’ Spicy Breaded Chicken Fillets and our Big Al’s Southern Fried Chicken Fillets and offer the perfect mix for substituting into different dishes to meet your customers taste preferences.

Benefits for Business

Our Hot Hot Boxes are perfect for outlets short on staff! Our Big Al’s Chicken range of fully cooked chicken makes hot boxes super quick and easy to create, without the need for extensive skills or staff training to prepare. Benefit from the Frozen Advantage when you cook with Big Al’s Chicken Fillets as they cook perfectly from frozen, meaning operators only cook what they need when they need it – helping to reduce waste!

Give your menu the Pecked Effect with Big Al’s.

Some of the biggest To-Go players such as LEON, PRET and many more have been capitalizing on hot boxes for years. However with our support and easy product solutions, now is the time for your outlet to cash in on this opportunity too! Using our simple recipes, discover how hot boxes can boost your bottom line. Using the Big Al’s Chicken Fillet Range, you can rest assured you’ll be serving top quality dishes for when consumers get peckish!

Here at Kepak, we’ve come up with our top 3 on-trend hot box recipe solutions ideal for any to-go menu. Crafted with both the consumer wants and operator needs in mind, our delicious hot box recipes are quick and easy to put together – using no more than 5 ingredients to a dish!

Feelin’ Good Chicken Box

Healthy eating is an ever-growing market trend. As consumers become more aware and health-conscious, operators need to offer healthier menu items. However, healthy should not equal boring & bland! Bring your healthy hot box menu items to life with this striking colourful dish.



Truffle Mayo & Cheese Chicken box

Serving ultimate indulgence – Truffle is a flavour and ingredient that’s no longer only for the elite. Taking inspiration from big market players such as Leon, truffle and cheese are bang on trend and sure to delight consumers.



Garlic Aioli Chicken & Fries box

A menu addition that’s simple but guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser! Jump on the Aioli bandwagon with this tried and tested consumer favourite.


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