How to Keep Your Food Menu Flexible with BBQ Ribsteaks

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There were a host of quotations we could have pulled together on the importance of adaptability – everyone from Einstein to Darwin has spoken about it. However, we felt it sufficed to say simply that an operator’s ability to adapt their menu to current trends, customer preferences and even seasonal changes is one of the most important factors in their foodservice arsenal.

That’s where our BBQ Pork Rib Steak is worth its weight in gold, despite offering one of the most cost effective menu solutions you’ll find.

BBQ Season

While summer is just a couple of months away, the promise of warmer climates and hot, beating sunshine is never a banker. Customers’ enthusiasm for outdoor BBQs may wane as the great, British weather underwhelms in a way only it can, but it won’t suppress that desire for rich, smoky BBQ flavours.

The Pork Rib Steak can be served as a classic BBQ option, without the need to brave outside dining. It can be cooked from frozen in a microwave, so is suitable as an indoor solution to outdoor dining – all the flavour with none of the chill!

Stocking these to be served as BBQ Pork Rib Subs will give you a dynamic, tasty option relevant all the way through the spring and summer seasons, so you’re as prepared as you can be for a notoriously unpredictable summer season.


The Mexican bandwagon

We offered some insight last month into the ever-growing Mexicana trend. Street food, tex mex and traditional Central American food is taking the UK by storm, so there’s no excuse for you to not be part of it.

The Pork Rob Steak serves as a solution to the classic Tex Mex Burger, providing a quick, cost efficient way for you to tap into the Mexican market. Serve alongside nachos and a homemade salsa mix and offer guacamole as an additional extra to the burger itself to bring this Mexican offer to life.


Get creative

However, don’t let us limit your options – be as creative as you want. If you know there’s demand with customers for a healthier, lighter option, offering deconstructed burgers or removing the bun all together for low carb menus can add spontaneity to your offer. Serve alongside homemade ‘slaw, spicy beetroot salads or crushed avocado dips and appeal to your adventurous, health-conscious customers.

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