Boost Festive Profits With Big Al’s

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Pub owners can boost their profits this festive season by offering simple, tasty and satisfying food options for the Christmas drinks crowd.

The Big Al’s range of flame cooked burgers, chicken steaks, BBQ pork ribsteak and mesquite chicken wings are the perfect solution for the festive season, enabling pubs and bars to cater for customers who are celebrating with after-work or weekend drinks.

“Around Christmas, customers will often go straight from work to a bar to celebrate with friends or colleagues – and they’ll soon find themselves hungry,” says UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson. “To dissuade them from going home or elsewhere for a meal, bar owners should consider offering filling, quick-to-prepare food options like burgers. This simple move will keep customers in your establishment for longer and boost drinks sales as well.

“Stocking products which can be cooked quickly at any time of day is a great way to make the most of the occasion. Big Al’s burgers, for example, can be microwaved from frozen in under two minutes to provide a delicious, filling meal or snack whether it’s at lunchtime, dinnertime or as a late night snack.

“The high quality result and delicious flame-cooked taste will keep customers coming back time and time again throughout the Christmas period.”

The Big Al’s range also includes Mesquite Chicken Wings, flame cooked until tender with a mesquite glaze.

“Our chicken wings are endlessly popular with pub and bar customers, thanks to their mesquite glaze which gives a sweet and smoky flavour,” says Robinson.

“Chicken wings are an ideal menu addition to help outlets boost profits, as they are suitable for multiple occasions. They make a great starter, either alone or as part of a sharing platter, or a simple bar snack which can be prepared quickly at any time of day or night to satisfy hungry customers.

“They can be quickly prepared to order, can be cooked in high volumes when required, and generate very little washing up which is ideal for times of high footfall.”

Big Al’s products are pre-cooked over an open flame, meaning a delicious taste is guaranteed every time. The products are frozen, which reduces waste and as they are pre-cooked any food safety worries are removed. The range only requires a freezer and a microwave to store and prepare and can be cooked from frozen in under two minutes making it ideal for outlets with limited time, staff and equipment.

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