Menu Inspiration for Independence Day

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Even for Brits, the 4th of July is synonymous with Independence Day for our friends across the pond. Customers are crying out for the quintessential American classic burger as the Americana trend sweeps across the nation. Help them celebrate by adapting your menu accordingly.

Burgers are a versatile option for foodservice operators; you can utilize a number of trends and appeal to a range of target markets with something as simple as a chicken fillet or beef patty – here are five burger options perfect for Independence Day!

Chicken Champ

With protein the most sought after macronutrient for health-conscious consumers, you’ll see a huge uptake in customers keen to pack out their protein while enjoying a no-so-guilty treat. With chicken and more widely protein, enjoying such a purple patch in popularity, you can’t afford not to include a chicken option in your burger menu.

BBQ special

A great option to keep in the backpocket just in case the British weather does follow up on its threat of (always startling) sunshine. Whether the weather delivers shining rays or a cloudy haze, BBQ burgers can be cooked inside or outdoors. They’re seasonally appropriate but remain a classic option for customers all year round.

Deconstructed Burger

For anyone watching their waistline as the height of summer approaches, consider including a deconstructed burger so you really have all bases covered. We’re seeing burgers of this kind soaring in popularity, even more so as the weather warms, as customers seek to reduce carbohydrate intake.

Fully Loaded

Extra bacon, cheese, pulled pork and onion rings – this is a burger for your hungrier, indulgent customers. A wide burger selection goes a long way and using your offer to tap into trends is a guaranteed winner, but sometimes customers will choose a burger simply because it’s indulgent. This is one for them!


Crispy tortilla chips with a guacamole and salsa dressing and optional jalapenos extras are an effective way to upsell your burger and offer customers a taste of the hottest food trend currently; Mexicana. We’ve got advice for how best to cater to this outside of your burger menu.

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