Tiger Speedway fast tracks with Big Al’s Burger Bar

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Tiger Speedway has recently launched a new branded food concept with Big Al’s. The Big Al’s Burger Bar replaced an unbranded kiosk, bringing along a delicious new menu and a modern sleek design to draw in customers. Joyce Baillie-Carslaw, General Manager at Tiger Speedway, explains how the Big Al’s Burger Bar has been well received by both customers and staff following the installation:

“The new Big Al’s Burger Bar offers us better quality products, with a great menu offering at a competitive price. The products are both quick and easy to cook from frozen, with all the quality of fresh produce. Being able to cook the products straight from frozen also helps us to reduce waste, which is always a positive. As well as receiving fantastic feedback on the entire range, customers are also very impressed with the taste and quality of the products. This great response from customers and the success of the Big Al’s concept has helped to increase revenue for our outlet.


“It’s very important to believe in the product you sell to customers and you have to think to yourself: Is this the type of product you would want to purchase if you were on the other side of the counter? And if the answer is yes, then you know it’s going to be a success. It’s easy to sell a product when you know the quality is good, and Big Al’s products definitely hit the mark. As well as the customers enjoying the Big Al’s Burger Bar concept, our Speedway riders often enjoy tucking into the Chicken Goujons and Chicken Poppers with their salad at the end of the night!

“Our ambitions for next year is to increase our sales by trying different products from the Big Al’s range to include as menu specials in our outlet, we are also currently working to expand our Big Al’s offering into some of our additional hospitality units.”

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