Casual Dining Highlights from Big Al’s Ultimate Burger Experience

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Big Al’s Ultimate Burger Experience at Casual Dining 2021

The Big Al’s Food Solutions Team Exhibited at this year’s Casual Dining Show on the 23rd and 24th of September in London’s ExCel, with their Ultimate Burger Experience! The team were joined on the stand by Tom Reaney, the mastermind and founder of Burger Bear, one of the most forward-thinking burger brands showcasing some of their signature builds. We were also joined by Flipdish, the online ordering solutions provider to help customers grow their brand and boost business!

Innovation Challenge Winners!

We were delighted to be awarded a silver medal in the Casual Dining Show Innovation Challenge for our Big Al’s Hereford Burger after a 90-second pitch to a panel of leading senior food industry professionals. Comments from the judges included “7oz, great size option” and “absolutely delicious!”

Our Signature Burger Builds

Tom from Burger Bear joined us on stand both days with his Quarter Panda & the Grizzly Bear signature builds, made with our delicious Hereford and Prime Burgers from our Gourmet Burger Range!

Key Trends

Some key trends from the Casual Dining scene included the rise in popularity of plant-based and meat mimicking products, with new and innovative takes. One such take was Biff’s Crispy Fried Jackfruit Wingz, a vegan take on a chicken wing made with jackfruit and completed with an edible sugarcane “bone”.

Vegan adaptations of products were also popular at the show with the most notable being the vegan version of the popular Hellman’s Mayo. The show even saw the emergence of vegan and gluten-free mince pies, well in time for Christmas!

One final trend was products with street food twists and collaborations. McCain Foodservice collaborated with 4 street food brands at the show to demonstrate the different applications for their product. Similarly, we invited Burger Bear to bring their signature street food builds to our stand to give the ultimate burger experience!

Despite the rise in popularity of vegan and plant-based products, the humble beef burger remained a beacon of light at the show with a steady queue waiting for a bite of our gourmet beef burgers, many from the plant-based stands!!!

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