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Mighty Meaty Trends

The growth of global casual dining trends such as food transparency, multi-sense stimulation and immersive experience are all affecting the market. It is clear that the provenance of meat is high in consumers’ minds when choosing what they eat, and whilst vegan and veggie are expanding, a ‘flexitarian’ diet is allowing the consumption of meat to be viewed as more a treat rather than an essential. A recent report on unprocessed poultry and red meat revealed that the sectors sales grew +1.2% YoY over the last year to £6.8bn[1].

Global trends in flavour and taste are influencing both cuts and variety of meat consumed out of home. The demand for new flavours is impacting expectations of ready-to-eat, cooked products, and in combination with consumer demand for convenient on-the-go meals this is a driving force within today’s meat category. Big Al’s helps operators meet this demand by creating a range of delicious gourmet products using only the best ingredients and premium cuts of pork and beef.

Fulfilling this desire for premium meat dishes, Big Al’s Prime Burger is made with 100% Irish and British beef, and the delicious flame cooked flavour allows operators to offer an authentic taste without the need for a professional chef or extensive kitchen equipment.  Additionally, Big Al’s Gourmet Hot Dogs are made with either 100% premium cuts of Irish beef or delicious pork, and every hot dog is smoked to perfection, over Beechwood for a sensational smokey flavour and temptingly, irresistible aromas.

Think Flexitarian

It’s also important to consider how current trends influence the market. Around 41% of UK consumers have adopted either a flexitarian, meat-reduced or semi-vegetarian diet[2] leading to a shift in the way consumers are choosing to consume meat in and out of home. Research shows consumers are embracing healthier options, such as flexitarian diets, however they are also indulging in more treats and takeaways[3].

With this in mind, those following a flexitarian diet appear more likely to eat a meat-based meal on occasion. To cater for this demand, Big Al’s offers a range of premium meat based recipes that are both indulgent and made using quality ingredients, along with offering a range of different hero builds. Consumers can also create their own build, tapping into the growing personalisation trend.

Delicious Big Al’s Recipes

The Big Al’s Prime Burger is a delicious addition to any menu. A new venture for Big Al’s, the Prime Burger is its first raw product and made with 100% grass–fed beef, fully traceable from barn to bun and created using only chuck and brisket cuts of meat. Operators stocking great quality patties will drive profit at the till providing customers with a premium eating experience. The Big Al’s Prime Burger is ideal for operators with a range of kitchen capabilities; the raw patty cooks from frozen in six minutes on a grill, and can be used to create burger builds that suit all consumer taste preferences.

As well as the Prime Burger, Big Al’s fully cooked portfolio includes a Flame Cooked 4oz and 6oz Beef Burgers. Lending themselves to be built into more than just your average burger, the Big Al’s Flame Cooked Beef Burgers are quick and easy to prepare from frozen in just a matter of minutes. Made with 100% Irish and British Beef, the delicious flame cooked flavour allows operators to offer an authentic taste without the need for a professional chef or extensive kitchen equipment.

Big Al’s recently launched a delicious Sausage Pattie to assist operators in catering for the popular breakfast market. Made from fully cooked pork, flame grilled for great taste and seasoned with sage, nutmeg and pepper for a delicious, authentic flavour, the Big Al’s Sausage Patties are ready to serve from frozen in under a minute. As with all Big Al’s products, the Fully Cooked Sausage Pattie is extremely versatile and lends itself to various different serves – from a classic breakfast muffin build to a more indulgent casual brunch offering.

Big Al’s Gourmet Hot Dogs are made with premium cuts of 100% Irish pork and beef, created by our own master butchers and Beechwood smoked for an irresistible taste. Cooking from frozen in minutes, Big Al’s Gourmet Hot Dogs can be built into a variety of menu ideas – be inspired by three simple but mouth-watering builds: The Classic, Hot Shot and Smokey Joe.

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[1] Mintel Unprocessed Poultry and Red Meat Report October 2018


[3] The Grocer December 2018

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