New Year Brings New Food Menus

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The New Year brings with it an opportunity for pubs and bars to update and refresh their menus. Serving burgers which provide a consistently good taste is a simple way to bring customers back to your outlet time and time again.

Choosing a burger which offers consistent quality is essential. Big Al’s burgers are pre-cooked over an open flame, meaning a delicious taste is guaranteed every time. What’s more, there’s no waste – simply cook the number they require at any time straight from frozen – and no safety worries as they burgers are pre-cooked.

“Burgers are a must-have when it comes to your menu,” says Phil O’Sullivan, General Manager for Big Al’s Foodservice. “They present a simple menu option that appeal to customers of all ages.”

Already serve burgers on your menu? Why not add a gourmet burger, complete with a pulled pork topper. Big Al’s Pulled Pork has been slow cooked and shredded before being smothered in tangy BBQ sauce. Simply microwave the individually portioned pouch of tender meat to deliver a mouth-watering dish on demand.

Try our Pulled Pork Burger Topper and let us know your thoughts!

Pulled Pork Burger Topper

1 Big Al’s 4oz Beef Burger
Chopped lettuce
Diced red onion
1 Big Al’s Pulled Pork sachet
1 spoonful of BBQ sauce
1 spoonful of mayonnaise

1. Cook the Big Al’s Burger on a hot plate pre-heated to 188°C for 3 minutes on the first side, turn the product over and cook for a further 2½ minutes on the second side.
2. Cook the Big Al’s Pulled Pork as instructed.
3. Toast your bun while your burger is cooking. Start to build your burger from the bottom up as follows:
Bottom bun
Chopped lettuce
Diced red onion
Big Al’s 4oz Beef Burger
Big Al’s Pulled Pork
BBQ sauce
Top bun

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