Simple Steps to Premiumise Your Menu for Less!

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Enhance your customer’s experience and boost profit margins with Big Al’s simple steps 

Customers are on the hunt for new and exciting flavours when dining out of home. 69% of consumers agree that being able to try new food dishes when dining out enhances their overall experience!1 

Now is the time for operators like you to get creative with simple yet effective ways to elevate your menu staples. 

When asked what’s most important when choosing where to dine out, 32% of consumers chose experiencing “something I can’t replicate at home.” 1 Highlighting the importance of having new and interesting menu items to spark consumer interest.  

At Kepak, we understand that it is more important than ever to remove complexities back of house, so bringing new dishes onto menu’s needs to be as simple and cost effective as possible. That’s why we have put together some simple tips to take your menu to the next level for less.  


Give your menu the pecked effect!  

There’s no denying the fact that we’re a nation of chicken lovers! Research shows chicken is the most popular meat in the UK3, and the second most popular dish in Ireland! 4 

Both Irish adults and children when asked named a chicken dish within their top 2 favourite meal types.4

Why not take the opportunity to elevate your chicken menu to take advantage of these trends?  


Simplicity and versatility  

With business costs rising across the board, maximising your stock is one way you can keep costs low.5 The best way to keep costs down while bringing freshness to your menu is to think about how you can elevate your menu staples to offer some more premium dishes and command a higher margin.   

As a versatile ingredient, Big Al’s chicken products such as breaded or battered chicken burgers, can work across multiple dishes and builds – reducing the need for additional back of house complexity and ingredients. Why not try creating an indulgent chicken burger stack? These products are great value and a firm family favourite so make the most of the endless opportunities for menu innovation.


Full of flavour 

Staying up to date with current flavour trends will allow you to align your menu to what consumers are looking for. A great tip for this is looking at the influence of world flavours, for example, we’re seeing Asian food influences taking the streets by storm in 2022, so an idea could be giving your current chicken burger an Indian twist by simply adding mango chutney.  


Smart messaging on menus 

Flavour is the most important factor for consumers when making food and drink choices.6 This shows how operators can maximise the opportunity for sales by influencing consumers through the promotion of exciting flavours on their menus. 

Operators can use quality descriptors on menus to create a more premium perception among customers. A simple way to upgrade your offerings is through the premiumisation of your menu with words and quality cue’s whilst adding premium ingredients sparingly. This is a cost-effective but impactful way to go premium. 


Upsell with customisation  

41% of consumers want ‘new’ dishes on a menu in the place they visit often.1 An easy way to achieve this for less is by re-inventing or upgrading your long-standing customer favourites! Giving consumers the option to upgrade their dish at an additional cost by simply adding sauces or interesting toppings. This is a great way to increase the average ticket price and keep consumers interested.


Get inspired!  

Introducing the Big Al’s Katsu Curry Burger.  

This simple burger build takes a classic chicken, mayo, and lettuce concept to the next level by simply adding a Katsu curry sauce and ‘slaw. Inspired by the current popular Asian katsu curry market trends, this simple ingredient gives your dish a premium edge that you can in turn charge a premium price for. 

This indulgent build is simple to create – just add coconut milk to your in-house curry sauce to create the creamy Katsu flavour. Simply ensure this dish is well communicated on menu and positioned as a premium option through high-quality product imagery and be sure to excite your customers whilst managing your bottom line.  


Big Al’s Product solutions 

Quality You Can Trust – Big Al’s breaded and battered chicken burgers are made from 100% chicken breast fillet with no artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. 

The Frozen Advantage – The Big Al’s Chicken Fillets cook perfectly from frozen, meaning operators only cook what they need when they need it – helping to reduce waste and associated costs! 




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