Menu Solutions: Limited Prep Product Solutions during COVID19

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Why Limited Preparation Products are the Food Solutions you need for COVID19


The Challenge

Your outlet’s kitchens have never been under quite this level of pressure. Even the strictest safety protocols and hygiene standards pale in comparison to today’s COVID19 challenges for the average back-of-house. As a result, our menus have never been under quite so much pressure to perform. From minimising back-of-house operational steps to pushing for profitability, it’s important that your menu is working just as hard as you are – no matter what way you slice and dice it!

A significant part of this challenge is about keeping the processes and kitchen set-up simple for your back-of-house. We know the challenge that you are facing, and we have some menu solutions to help you out. All our product ranges consistently minimize the staff required in the kitchen, making it easier to socially distance back-of-house.  As our products also come frozen, this also means no waste and thus enhanced profitability at a time when foodservice businesses need it most. We have a broad range of limited preparation products solutions which come packed with a punch, perfect for you to help your kitchens today! Each provides benefits to choose from depending on your outlet’s kitchen equipment and capabilities.

The Solution

Why not try our limited preparation products?

We’ve done the hard work with our pre-prepared products, so you can minimize the prep time and focus on serving your customers with speed. We know that speed is a key focus right now, whether it’s keeping your customers socially distanced and moving through your outlet while boosting transaction speed, as well as kitchen speed. So, we think our limited preparation product solutions are the perfect solution. These products are fully cooked, simply heat in an oven or fryer within minutes. Simple, convenient and consistently delivering a delicious dish with every serving.

7 Benefits of Limited Preparation Product Solution Ranges:

  1. Step Minimisers with zero prep: This range comes prepared and frozen, which works to significantly reduce the number of steps in your cooking processes. Simply head in the oven or fryer in minutes, do your product build and serve!
  2. Reduced Contact & Germ Transmission: With less cooking steps comes fewer opportunities for germs to be shared as there’s less contact with the food and less people involved. Less people, less steps, fewer surfaces and even fewer germs will mean a safer kitchen and prep process for all involved.
  3. Reassurance: These limited preparation products give customers confidence in the serve as there are less people involved in the food product overall.
  4. Consistency: When you buy a limited preparation product from Kepak, you know that we prize consistency. With every product, comes the quality care and consistency that’s part of our DNA which means you can confidently serve great food, that delivers on taste and quality every-time.
  5. Speedy Service: Our delicious limited preparation products are quick to heat and serve, simply use high-speed ovens, batch cook and hot-hold products for customers to grab and go.
  6. Frozen Advantage: There are so many advantages to our limited preparation products, but the fact that they come frozen means you can reduce food wastage due to unpredictable footfall and only make what you need. For more about the frozen advantage, learn more here.
  7. Accessible Revenue Stream: With reduced capacity in all outlets due to ongoing social distancing measures, it’s important to consider offering food that will increase customer spend to offset this reduction in capacity (and profits!). For outlets who don’t already have any food offerings but may have basic kitchen facilities, these limited preparation product solutions offer a new way to build back revenue and increase basket sizes.


This product range includes…

Big Al’s Fully Cooked Sausage Patties: Have you been looking to give your breakfast menu options a little….oomph? Well, we have the perfect partner to boost your breakfast traffic. Big Al’s breakfast patties are made with true premium British and Irish pork. Seasoned and flame-grilled for that great taste and fully traceable from farm to fork. What more could you ask for?

Big Al’s Fully Cooked 4oz Beef Burger: Serve up the authentic flame-grilled taste without the need for any fire. Our fully cooked burgers come flame-grilled for great flavour and are the perfect solution to help you ease complexity in your kitchen today.

Chicken Fillets: Our family favourite range of breaded and battered juicy breast fillets comes in a variety of flavours and is super flexible for multiple product builds.Chicken Goujons/Tenders: A perfect fit for today’s fast-moving foodie customer, choose from our delicious chicken goujon and tender range which includes breaded, battered and flavoured products.Chicken Wings: Always a firm customer favourite and we’ve got plenty of flavours for you to choose from.Chicken Snacking: A tasty range of breaded sides and snacks made with 100% chicken breast meat including battered chunks, southern fried poppin’ chicken and boneless wings.Slow-cooked meats: Includes everything from seasoned and sauced pork ribs, to BBQ pulled pork toppers and sandwich fillers. Increasingly popular, make sure you consider this menu option to keep your customer’s interest piqued.Chicken Burgers: You’ll love our range of tasty chicken burgers that come breaded or battered, and all made from juicy, tender and fully traceable chicken breast meat.

Your Next Steps

Check out our product range below, and explore more menu solutions in our comprehensive menuing solutions guide, that’s been purposely built for these challenging times in foodservice. There has never been a more important time to re-think menus and adapt your kitchen to reassure staff and customers. We’re committed to being with you all the way, get menu solutions that can help your business today with our frozen advantage.

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