Increase Sales with Simple Menu Add-Ons

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Are you upselling to your customers?

Did you know “it’s good value for money” is the second most important reason for a consumer when choosing where to eat out? Meal deals and low-cost add-ons act as a great tool for helping consumers feel as though they are getting great value for money, while also drawing attention to certain dishes or menu items operators want to highlight.

A significant 49% of consumers have reported impulse buying food & drink! At the same time, ‘Treat’ has been named as the most common consumer reason for eating or drinking out of home. Consumers are always on the hunt for opportunities to elevate their meals and have an increasing desire for indulgence! So, it comes as no surprise that ‘upselling’ on menus has increased by +15% year-on-year as operators see this as a means of increasing spend per head. With the hype of offering customers add-on options to their orders, make sure you have your indulgent impulse add-on menu ready!

Customers are increasingly on the hunt for more menu options from operators, with menus having on average grown 1.9% from February to April 2022. However, growing your menu doesn’t mean you have to expand your product offering! Keep your back-of-house streamlined and free from added complexity by experimenting with different meal deals, portion size options and add-ons using just key core ingredients.

With a predicted 59% UK and 54% Irish restaurant market growth in 2022, there hasn’t been a more important time for operators to re-think their menus and ensure they’re standing out against the competition. Here are our top tips for future-proofing your menu…


Customisation is key!

Consumers are increasingly seeking customisable menus, with 80% saying they want some form of personalisation when eating out. This is also reflected in current operator menu research, showing that 28% of all dishes on menus are now customisable, with this due to go up by +38% year-on-year. Customisation is allowing operators to maintain choice for consumers whilst retaining smaller menus. Giving customers the option to customise their dishes for an additional cost is an efficient way to enhance their experience while increasing your profits. Try customising dishes through portion sizes or familiar ingredient add-ons. For example, offering a range of dipping sauce options that customers can choose from with their chicken nugget meal deal.


Promote LTOs through digital signage

Draw in customer attention and enhance ticket price with up-to-date and eye-catching Point of Sale. With 63% of people having reported that digital signage catches their attention, this shows the opportunity for operators to maximise sales by using digital screens to support sales of new products and promotions. Clear signage combined with limited-time offers has the potential for you to see your sales soar.

Limited-time offers create a buzz among customers and can lead to a surge in sales as consumers don’t want to miss out! LTOs ignite a heightened emotional state among customers and appeal to their “fear-of-missing-out” which affects 56% of social media users! Combined with new consumer habits as they are becoming more spend savvy and are always on the hunt for good value for money.

Meal deal LTOs are the perfect opportunity to maximise these sales opportunities.


Get inspired!

Introducing Big Al’s chicken nuggets for all!

We’ve put together a simple way you can maximise your product offering and target more customers without needing to expand your product range!

Add value to your menu and serve Big Al’s Battered or Breaded Chicken Nuggets with multiple portion size options such as small (3), medium (5), and sharing box (20). With different portion sizes available and charging extra for bigger portions, this is the perfect way to upsell and maximise profit. You can increase the average basket price by offering the small portion as a great add-on to any individual meal and the sharing box is perfect for families to purchase as an extra or on-the-go snack.

This recipe inspiration gives you the ultimate customisable dish to add to your menu! As the perfect base ingredient, you can experiment with a wide range of flavours through accompanying sauces. Give your customers the option to pick their sauce choice and serve the small portion with one sauce, the medium portion with two, and the sharing box with three. Our recommendations of flavour profiles that work well with Big Al’s Chicken Nuggets are sweet chilli, curry sauce, Ketchup, and BBQ. Get creative and look at other flavours from around the world that you could draw inspiration from!


Big Al’s Product Solutions

Quality You Can Trust – Big Al’s breaded and battered chicken nuggets are made of 100% chicken fillet and free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

The Frozen Advantage – Reduce waste and associated costs with Big Al’s chicken nuggets, by cooking from frozen in minutes and giving you perfect results every time.


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