Kepak partners with best-in-class online ordering solution provider Flipdish

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Flipdish is a software company based in Dublin that has a platform to help businesses to build their brand, increase customer loyalty and increase online sales. Their mission is to be the market leader for white-label online ordering, globally. With a focus on customer and employee success. For us here at Kepak, we partnered with Flipdish in 2015 and have never looked back. It’s been a particularly interesting year for anything relating to online ordering. With the Global Pandemic of Covid19, countries went into lockdown and for many, getting a takeaway became an event that all could get involved with when little else was happening. This is also reflected in the stats…

This gave many food outlets the challenge to either open for takeaways and delivery, or be faced with closing for an unspecified period. It’s no surprise that many businesses went online or are in the process of doing so.


In a world where most third-party online ordering platforms and aggregators are charging expensive online transaction fees, Flipdish’s rates are a fraction of this because of their belief that working in partnership with restaurants and takeaways means everyone can prosper. This customer-centricity is something that resonates strongly with our beliefs too and that’s what makes Kepak and Flipdish a great match.


While we saw the trends towards online ordering growing massively at the start of the partnership in 2015. It’s now more important than ever, In 2020 it is expected that 70% of consumers will be ordering food directly from a restaurant’s own website or app. Kepak is 100% focused on helping our customers succeed. We believe that promoting an online platform is one of the best ways to assist our customers in promoting, protecting, and pivoting their business through 2020 and beyond.  Our flexible customer-focused relationship with Flipdish means we are jointly able to help our customers boost their profitability and drive their business forward in taking a foothold into the online space.



Through our partnership with Flipdish, we can offer our customers packages that they would never normally have access to. Our online ordering package is the most popular, Food Alliance members can get started today for only €195, and this will give them access to their very own branded new website with online ordering functionality. You will also get professional food photography as well as a deferential transaction fee just for being our Food Alliance customer. Check out the page to learn more about this amazing deal that could have you signed up for online ordering within minutes!

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We really believe that social media marketing and digital marketing is the way forward for the businesses who have just gone online and want to power up their restaurant sales and get awareness out there! The Managed Marketing Package is a great opportunity for those businesses who are serious about boosting their online sales. What’s also exciting about this package is that it delivers real professional and seasoned marketing advice and implementation to businesses who would never normally have access to this type of service as it would cost too much.  This package is run through Flipdish and is available to our Food Alliance customers who have already set up their online ordering. This Add-On can be redeemed through Food Alliance points or cash. Using industry experts and marketing consultants, you will have a dream team of marketers for a fraction of the price.

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