Food On The Go: Keeping Up with Customers

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They’re a busy lot, those customers! Whether you’re working in the leisure, stadia, university or pub sector, you’ll be seeing one common trend; customers are on-the-go.

That may be because it’s the summer holidays so they’re scooting kids around, it may be university students rushing around between exams (or less academic pursuits) or it might simply be that they’re stopping for a quick bite in their local before heading back outside.

It doesn’t really matter to you why they’re on-the-go, what matters is your ability to match this demand. There are two main considerations when perfecting your grab-and-go offer: is it quick to prepare and how convenient is it for your customers?

Our Italian Twist Pizzas provide an answer to both!

They cook in less than three minutes in the microwave, which means you don’t need long preparation time or expensive culinary expertise to serve them. This will be important for two reasons; your customers may be in a rush and not have time to wait around for their meal to be cooked and, with summer approaching, you will see an increase in footfall so shorter preparation time prevents orders bottlenecking as they come in.

Served in handheld packaging, these will be suitable for customers who are grabbing something between plans, who are standing in your crowded pub or bar during the football or who simply can’t sit down because their little ones are running all over the place. Whatever the reason they’re on-the-move, adapting your food offer to match their needs will ensure you’re busy all through our hottest season.

Available in two delicious options; pepperoni and margarita, these products deliver all the taste with none of the associated cost. They’re hand-twisted and cooked in a stone bake oven which gives them a true flavour of Italy, without you having to pay any extra for this quality.

Cover all day parts and include something for customers in the morning with our brand new Breakfast Twist. Just as quick, convenient and cost effective, these will help you cater for customers across the whole day. Implement these cost effective profit drivers to match customers’ on-the-go needs and your summer sales will soar!

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