Why is Summer the Burger Season?

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Recent studies on out of home eating occasions have shown that burgers remain, globally, the top cuisine for QSR as well as the number 1 main dish ordered – and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon.

Burgers Are Popular For a Reason—and It’s Everywhere

Recent studies reveal some jaw-dropping stats: a whopping 25% increase in burger consumption in 2023, with over 74,000 European eateries proudly dishing them out. Moreover, the steady year-on-year growth of burger servings, standing at 4.6%, underscores its unwavering popularity among diners.

So we’re seeing the popularity and demand increasing across the board, bringing with it an opportunity: if you can create a buzz with your burgers, you’re standing out in a massively popular market that’s proven to be growing at a staggering pace.

Why Burgers Are Perfect for Your Summer Menu

This is where the versatility of burgers is key. A well-defined summer burger menu brings in new limited time offers (LTOs) regularly. (Learn more on our blog post: ‘The Power of LTOs’.) According to research, 57% of diners expect to see new items monthly on casual dining menus, presenting a prime opportunity to showcase your innovative burger creations.
Consumers actively seek out burgers during the summer months, drawn to their hearty, satisfying nature that perfectly complements the season’s laid-back vibe. From backyard barbecues to beachside bistros, burgers reign supreme as the quintessential summer fare.
Burgers are huge profit generators for operators, and for the months where footfall is at its highest, this is your chance to capitalise on your margins and make hay while the sun shines!

So, How Do I Make My Burgers Stand Out?

1: Be On-Trend

Consumers associate new and on-trend food dishes with an elevated experience.

Find out all the trending flavours, ingredients, and inspiration in the free Master the Art of Burgers Trends Report.

2: Use Creative Builds

Let your imagination run wild, impress your customers with your culinary talent—and if you need any inspo, we’ve got your back at Kepak Chef’s Compass, with recipe builds designed by our innovation experts specifically for foodservice operators.

3: Get Clever with Your Ingredients

Different ingredients allow you to charge more for your builds, but can take longer to prepare, so there’s a balance to be had. Deciding on the meat of your burger is key to finding the base for your flavour.

Fortunately with Big Al’s burgers, you don’t have to compromise quality with speed and efficiency with the frozen advantage.

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