Visitors go wild for Big Al’s!

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Knowsley Safari Park catering manager Lynn Rigby doesn’t mind mischievous baboons trying to jump on her car on a daily basis – as long as satisfied customers keep munching on her supply of Big Al’s Burgers!

Lynn, boss of the popular Merseyside attraction’s Oasis café, has been stocking a range of products from the popular Big Al’s Flamecooked Range for eight years and she has no intention of easing up on them – thanks to customer demand.

Breaking off from a hectic half term cooking session, Lynn said: “We sell the 6oz Big Al’s burgers and the BBQ Pork Ribsteaks, dressed with cheese and garnished with salad for £3.10. We also sell the 2.4oz burger, which go into the children’s lunch boxes, and they fly out.”

The Big Al’s Flame Cooked Range of frozen, pre-cooked beef burgers, chicken grills and BBQ pork ribsteaks provides a quality but convenient menu option that’s ideal for establishments which need a lot of product – fast. Ideal for oven heating in bulk, and because the food is reheated rather than cooked from raw – the product is safe every time and the taste remains consistent.

Lynn has as many as 55 staff helping her run the Oasis Café through the busy summer season, so the fact that the Big Al’s range is so easy to prepare helps to keep the queue of customers moving along nicely, with no major hold-ups as hungry tums rumble.

“They really are simple to prepare,” said Lynn. “Because these burgers are pre-cooked you just have to heat them through and then keep them to temperature. ”

Lynn says customer feedback about the taste and texture confirms why they are so popular and she added: “I’ve tasted many burgers and the flame-grilled taste of Big Al’s is very appetising, which is why people keep on asking for them.”

Even better news for the caterer is the fact that because of their competitive pricing at wholesalers, even factoring in the cost of the salad and cheese, which Lynn uses to garnish her burgers, there is still a very healthy gross profit per burger to be made.

As Lynn said: “I’ve worked here for 11 years and have stocked Big Al’s for the past eight. The length of time that we have sold Big Al’s for tells its own story – and I’d recommend any prospective Big Al’s convert to stock some, give them a try and I guarantee they will not look back.”


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