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You already run a great business, and now it can look even better with a beautiful, branded staff uniforms. The right uniform can make you feel part of something, it can make you feel part of the team!

Benefits of uniforms and their design

Research has shown there to be a relationship between staff members’ views of their uniforms and their overall opinion of their jobs. Employees who rated their uniforms highly had a more positive attitude regarding their work. A uniform can aid staff in raising their levels of professionalism and service by making workers feel empowered. A uniform can not only help employees feel closer to each other as a team but can also increase their sense of commitment to the company. When they put on their uniforms, they represent the stores high standards of appearance, as well as its team’s values. It is important for uniforms to be clean, well-fitted, and look professional.


Choosing the right uniform

It is important when choosing a uniform design to consider the emotions colors can bring out. By selecting the right colour an outlet can help reinforce its image or message, such as technical proficiency or reliability. Many fast-food restaurants use bright reds and yellows to dress up their brands. Bright reds have shown to draw customers’ attention by creating a sense of excitement, while the yellows cause them to pause, feel happy, and encourage them to make a purchase because of a positive frame of mind.


Is your business making the best use of company brand and uniform colours? Here are some widely recognised attributes of colours…

White: pure, clean

Green: calming, growth and natural

Purple: royal, dignified (helps suggest “premium” products and services)

Orange: warm, vibrant (used to create a playful business environment)

Silver: prestige, scientific

Red: excitement, confidence

Blue: Trust, belonging

Yellow: Warmth, happiness (used to promote a general sense of well-being)

Black: Sophisticated, power, authority (used to promote premium products and expertise) Gold: Elite, prestige (fosters a sense of the very best)

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