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How important is Frozen food to the QSR market and why?

NPD and product innovation have been instrumental in growing the frozen food market in the last few years, with a £650m increase in the value of the sector in the last five years. Moreover, within the five top line categories in the foodservice market share, at 32.6% is frozen foods. Similarly, with annual sales of over £1billion, quick service restaurants remain a hugely important sector for frozen foods.

What are the latest trends in the frozen food market?

Insight shows diners, especially millennials, are looking to be stimulated by their food choices, and an immersive dining experience is just as important as the food on offer itself. Alongside their pre-cooked frozen food offerings, Big Al’s offers four branded concepts: Big Al’s Diner, Big Al’s Deli, Grill Guru and Foodees. These concepts are all based around some of the most up to date UK and European food trends such as Americana, healthy eating, flame grill and BBQ, as well as innovative street-food style solutions. Big Al’s branded concepts are guaranteed to increase sales, improve profits and drive footfall to operator’s establishments.

What does the future hold for frozen foods in terms of product development for foodservice clients?

Frozen food has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as consumers appreciate the idea that ingredients used in the dishes they order are as fresh as they possibly can be. Frozen food is also often fresher than its unfrozen counterparts, as it locks in vital nutrients in the freezing process. As well as these nutritional benefits, many operators prefer frozen foods for convenience, as it offers minimal wastage, making it a cost-effective option.

With this in mind, operators should consider stocking a range of on-trend frozen products that appeal to the masses. Quick and easy to prepare, Big Al’s range of pre-cooked frozen meats can be cooked and served in next to no time. By using Big Al’s products, operators and caterers can save time, keep wastage to an absolute minimum and guarantee consistency every time. Without the need for skilled chefs and catering staff, or for extensive catering facilities, using Big Al’s menu solutions and branded food enables caterers to deliver on taste, quality, convenience and profit their businesses – simply requiring a microwave and freezer.

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