Choosing the best burger for your business

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Did you know that we ate 690 million burgers last year? That’s 1.9m a day, or 22 every second! Which means that choosing the right burger patty, depends entirely on your business. When advising our operators on the ‘perfect burger’ to suit them, we consider a wide range of factors…

1. Waste

We understand that wastage can be a huge pain point for all kitchens. Footfall can be unpredictable and slow days can lead to high levels of unused food. Minimising food waste can seem daunting but there are ways of taking control.

Benefit from better demand planning and portion control, creating more efficiency in the kitchen . A frozen solution will also give the burger a longer shelf life resulting in fewer deliveries and transportation costs.

2. Health & Safety

This is paramount to every business and can eat into an operators precious time putting the right processes in place. Kitchens need to take steps to remove as many known obstacles as possible.

Using frozen stops microbiological growth and reduces risks in handling. It also means better shelf life and frozen patties are easier to store in a freezer.

3. Consistency

Achieving a high level of consistency in the kitchen can be difficult. Serving a burger that delivers the same great taste and eating experience every time for returning customers is vital to creating loyalty.

Operators can expect great flavour every time as seasoning & fat content remain the same. The patty size, texture and appearance are consistent, ensuring the best eating experience and bun coverage time and time again.

4. Labour

Staff turnover, the cost of labour and increases in the national living wage are concerns for many operators – so it’s important to optimise your staff’s time in the kitchen.

Save on time in the kitchen by avoiding the initial weighing & mixing processes. Reduce staff training time as the frozen patty is durable and easy to cook. This allows more time for menu innovation.


We know that choosing the perfect burger for your business is a big decision, why not get in touch with us today?

We can work with you to find the perfect burger to suit your business.

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