What’s On Offer: A Look into Pub & Hotel Summer Menus 2021

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What’s on offer?

As pubs come to life again and hotels start to see an increase in capacity, we decided to delve into the hospitality industry and find out first-hand what they have to offer.

We gathered a sample of 40 pubs & hotel bars across 19 counties to gain a deeper understanding of what the hospitality industry is offering to their customers. This sample was spread across rural, urban & city-centre locations to capture an accurate, reliable representation.

The research allowed us to collect valuable insights and trends on offerings and the areas of high importance across pubs & hotel bars.

Because Life is Better With Burgers & Wings

There is no surprise that the two most popular products across Irish pubs and hotel bars were that of burgers and wings with each pub and hotel in the research sample included these items on their menu. Looking at wings, these were offered as a starter and a main course on Irish pub and hospitality menus.

I’ll Have The Irish Burger With Extra Irish Cheese

Delivering an essence of authentic Irish quality across menu descriptors was an area of high importance for hotel bars. 58% of hotel bars from our sample executed a display of Irish provenance throughout the selection of burgers on their menu. In contrast to this, 20% of the pub sector embraced Irish provenance across the burger descriptors on their menus.

Do Y’all Have Ranch & Hot Sauce?

While 20% of pubs across Ireland embrace Irish provenance in their menu’s, we also found through our research that another 20% of pubs and hospitality outlets embrace an All-American angle to their burgers. This was seen when it came to adopting larger cuts of beef as well as integrating American styled sauces and cheeses, along with bigger buns throughout their burger builds.

Came For The Craic, Stayed For The Burgers

With 40% of the pubs across our sample providing their customers with a sense of Irishness or a taste of the United States, what is happening with the other 60% of pubs? We discovered that the remaining pubs across Ireland are offering their customers a quality of beef that is “home-made” with this description given by various pubs from our sample. That 60%  of pubs also included several pubs that incorporated more bodacious offerings in terms of choice and differentiation when it came to their burger builds.

With the Summer months coming to an end, it will be interesting to see if these menu descriptors change much, will there be an uprising in ribs and lamb shanks? or will turkey permeate the hospitality industry for Christmas?


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