Get Set for a Summer of Sport

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It’s time to start preparing for a seriously sporty summer! With a wide range of televised sport taking place over the coming weeks, from football to athletics, now is the perfect time to plan your food menu to make the most of the opportunity. Stocking up on quick-to-prepare, tasty and satisfying hot snacks is an ideal way to bring customers into your venue to watch the various matches and events being televised this summer. The Big Al’s range includes flame-cooked burgers and mesquite chicken wings, both of which are ideal for serving before, during and after televised sporting events.

“Hitting the mark with your food offering is essential if you want to make the most of the summer of sport,” says UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson.

“Serving simple and appealing hot snacks will bring customers into your outlet before matches or events and keep them in the venue long afterwards, boosting wet sales as well.”

Chicken wings present an ideal option. Big Al’s’ mesquite chicken wings deliver a delicious sweet and smoky flavour  which is endlessly popular and  can be cooked to order in just a few minutes, making them ideal to have in stock for times of high footfall.

Big Al’s chicken wings are frozen, which reduces waste, and as they are pre-cooked any food safety worries are removed. The range only requires a freezer and a microwave or combi oven to store and prepare.

“Try serving chicken wings as an ‘event special’ in a bucket, basket or platter – you could even offer it as a deal combined with drinks,” says Ed. “This makes the ideal sharing snack, which can be prepared to order and generates very little washing up.”

Burgers are also ideal for times when you are showing a televised event.

“Burgers are perfect for busy times as they can easily be eaten whilst standing up in a crowded venue,” says Ed.

“Big Al’s burgers, which are pre-cooked over an open flame guaranteeing a delicious taste every time, can be heated up in an oven for larger volumes or prepared in a microwave for smaller gatherings.”

“Why not serve ‘themed’ burgers depending on the event you are showing? Add different sauces and toppings to represent the cuisine of the countries playing in the relevant football match, for example, and top the burgers off with little flags.”

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