Catering for The School Holidays

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Schools breaking up means a busy period for mums and dads everywhere, but it should also mean a busy time for you! If you are a pub with an outdoor area, you may find parents bringing kids in while leisure centres will be bursting to the seams with energetic children. Whatever channel you’re working in, the summer holidays can mean a boost for sales if you get your offer right, which is where we come in!


We’ve blogged about the need to keep up with customers on-the-go and that advice is never truer than with children. Whether playing in the park, bouncing around your leisure venue or running around your pub garden, they’re pretty non stop. Cater to this by offering food that can keep pace; handheld food is the perfect solution for hungry mouths that can’t tear themselves away from the fun.

We recently launched our Big Al’s Breakfast Twist to make sure that operators can facilitate consumers eating on the move across all day parts. Between the Breakfast Twist and our popular range of hand held Italian Twist Pizzas, we’ve got you covered!

Refillable drinks

Refillable soft drinks are a real crowd pleaser and don’t represent a huge expense for operators, especially if you make it a kids-only offer. All that running around can be thirsty business and refillable drinks are likely to increase stay time in your venue and raise overall spend.

If you’re keen to keep mum and dad happy, refillable tea and coffee will go down a treat. Often these won’t go past a couple of drinks each and you’ll more than make your money back as they’re tempted into summer snacking options, light bites or sharers while the kids run themselves ragged.


Eating out is a treat, so offering some menu options which are a little more indulgent can be really popular in the summer. Being innovative with burger builds is one route to an exciting selection that can be enjoyed by mums, dads and kids alike.

Premiumisation is key to delivering a burger that goes beyond the mark of your classic patty ‘n’ bun. Additional extras, be they crispy bacon or our delicious pulled pork can make all the difference, so put the power back in consumers’ hands with personalized options.

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