How to Boost Your Food Profits This Bonfire Night!

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Bonfire night can present a key profit opportunity for pubs, as friends and families gather to watch displays, often seeking warmth before and after the ooh’s and the aah’s.

Pubs can boost their food sales by offering a range of hand-held snacks that appeal to all ages and can be taken outside to eat. Quick and easy to prepare, Big Al’s range of pre-cooked frozen meats can be cooked and served in next to no time, providing the perfect solution for a firework night menu.

Big Al’s new authentic, hand-twisted Italian Pizza Twist is the perfect product to target the snacking market. Pizza Twists can be cooked quickly and easily from frozen, and come in their own hand-held sleeve packaging, convenient for eating anywhere, anytime.

Hot dogs and burgers remain to be some of the most ordered dishes in the UK and are both easy and convenient hand-held options for pubs to offer on a busy occasion such as Bonfire Night.
Big Al’s Foodservice has developed a product range to keep up with current trends with offerings including Flame-Cooked Beef Burgers and Gourmet Hot-Dogs.

The entire Big Al’s product range can be adapted to suit a wide range of taste preferences by adding toppings and garnishes – including cheeses, relishes, sauces and more. Add a fiery kick for a firework-themed menu by adding chilli sauce or firecracker sauce, which will also add a sense of premium to your menu that can, in turn, be reflected in your pricing strategy!

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