Future-Proof Your Menu With Flavours From Around The World!

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Discover the 7 World Cuisines that can take your menu to the next level!

With the growth of social media and travel opening the doors to new cultures, the world feels much smaller! We’re seeing influences on the Western foodservice industry come from all around the world, creating flavour fusions and transporting consumers’ taste buds to new locations.

Research suggests that since the pandemic, key focus areas for the food industry moving forward will be around using all senses and going beyond just taste to provide consumers with an all-round sensory experience. With large numbers of consumers experiencing changes to/loss of taste and smell, it has now become important to tap into all senses available to consumers and dive deep into textures and looks as well as taste and smell. With this in mind, it is no surprise that cuisine influence from around the world is impacting the Western foodservice trends. See below an examples of how to incorporate flavours from across the globe on to your menu…



The industry is seeing a young generation of British-Caribbean chefs reclaiming their culinary heritage and bringing it to a new audience.


Thanks in part to the popularity of Caribbean restaurants such as Turtle Bay, jerk has secured its place firmly in the heart of UK diners. Its distinctive, fiery character is a firm favourite. Jerk chicken wings are a classic dish, but a global rise in the popularity of jerk flavouring has meant we’re seeing experiments with other dishes and jerk flavours.


Jamaican restaurant Jamaya have a full menu of jerk-seasoned dishes, from Mac & Cheese, a range of burgers, wraps and sides!

Your turn…

Create your own jerk burger by simply adding lashings of jerk BBQ sauce over any patty stack!


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