Introducing Food Alliance Business Builders

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2020 Has been an incredibly interesting and challenging year, full of unprecedented challenges and impressive innovation on the part of outlets, distributors, and suppliers alike. However, it also created vast uncertainty and difficulty for businesses to future-proof their business planning when it came to post-lockdown and what’s to come following a global pandemic.

What exactly is Food Alliance Business Builders?

Here at Kepak Foodservice, we’re all about putting our customers and their businesses first. This is why we created Food Alliance Business Builders. Food Alliance Business Builders is all about supporting savvy foodservice operators with new business rewards and services through our loyalty program, Food Alliance. The goal is to help our customers with planning ahead and future-proofing businesses for what’s to come, and arming them with tools, rewards, resources, and experts to make that happen.

Exclusive to Food Alliance members only…

These strategic business rewards are purpose-built to meet the current set of needs from our customers in response to their questions and requests in recent times. Exclusive to our Food Alliance members, additional business support, services & rewards are all now available through the program. Whether you want to make the most of the online ordering opportunities, promote your business online, make sure your store is ready for re-opening, or simply step back and plan ahead with an expert business planning consultation, we have you covered!

Two Heads are Better than One…

We understand business planning is hard at the best of times. Covid19 and a new economic outlook for Ireland will make it even more tricky! The good news is that you really don’t have to do it alone. We have gathered an expert team of consultants, strategic thinkers, and agency whizz-kids for you to tap into, from digital marketing to menu building. We’ve got you covered, and we’re #WithYouAllTheWay

Now is the time to cash in those spare Food Alliance points and invest back in your business!




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