Easter Excitement – Menu Tips for Leisure Venues Ahead of the School Holidays

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Easter can mean different things for different people; for parents, it’s uncovering previously forgotten nooks and crannies of their home and gardens in a bid to hide chocolate eggs for their excitable little ones. For said little ones, it’s a magical day where their house is transformed into a maze of clues with treats dotted in places which, on any other day, is entirely without incident or intrigue.

For leisure venues, it means business. School’s out and parents often take time off, hoping to keep kids busy, active and interested (on the days they’re not egg hunting!) and they need somewhere to do that.

With increased footfall over the Easter period, leisure venues have the chance to capitalise on their food offer with kids running up a big appetite and parents needing something while they wait, your customer base is ready-made, but only if you adapt your offer accordingly.

Putting power in the palm of their hands

You absolutely don’t need us to tell you that, at leisure venues, kids run around. Loads, even more than usual! The implication here is that sit-down meals aren’t always their preferred option. Why sit down when you can play? But, equally, you need to eat. Hand-held food means no need to put the brakes on proceedings while still keeping everyone energised to enjoy the Easter time off school. With this in mind, our Italian Twist Pizzas or Hot Dogs will keep everyone happy.

Feeding the family

People generally loosen the belt buckles at Easter. Celebrating the end of lent and ready for one big splurge before the summer body diet starts, Easter eggs are often the tip of the iceberg!

If you offer a premium, indulgent burger option with personalisable extras, families will enjoy a treat while waiting for kids to finish frantically running around whichever football, tennis, cricket or rounders event you’re hosting for them.

Offering sharing options will go down a treat for families who are hungry but not after a big meal. Our Mesquite Buffalo Chicken Wings make a great addition to any platter while onion rings, garlic bread and potato skins always prove popular.

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