The Dream Team – How to create a highly productive team

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Right people, right place, right time

To ensure there is sufficient staff working during peak times it is important to schedule staff in a weekly roster. Depending on your requirements, you might assign specific members for different roles (e.g. taking orders, delivering orders). Staff in direct contact with customers should be prepared to address any questions and concerns. Delivery drivers must be professional in their approach as they are direct representatives of the business for customers.

Kepak News How to create a highly productive team


One way to prevent staffing challenges and retain employees is to make sure that all staff members are sufficiently trained. Every employee from chef to cashier should be trained on his job functions and the proper way to promote the outlets image.
●Increased productivity
●Less supervision required
●Better customer satisfaction
●Better job satisfaction

Positive reinforcement

Showing genuine appreciation for another member of your team is the quickest way to encourage positive behaviour. Instead of always using financial rewards, consider showing members your gratitude through the way you treat them. Recognise their efforts and achievements in front of the rest of the team.

Kepak News How to create a highly productive team

Team Building

Build relationships of trust so that team members genuinely care about each other. To help form these, give employees opportunities to bond in real ways such as through office traditions and/or interacting with one another outside of the office. Once you’ve established a team who care for each other and operate on a social basis instead of purely work related then productivity will grow.

Kepak News How to create a highly productive team

Be a good boss

One of the best ways to avoid staffing issues is to be fair and approachable. Good behaviour and healthy work habits trickle from the top down. If employees feel disrespected or unappreciated, they won’t be loyal for long. Ask employees for feedback to help create a better workplace for everybody. Make it fun to work for the business, and foster a team atmosphere where everyone helps each other out.

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