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Our Big Al’s Black Angus Beef Burgers wins Best Burger Award!

Big Winners at Benelux!

Last week our Big Al’s Black Angus Beef Burger was in the spotlight at the Best Burger Benelux 2022 competition as our friends at Copains restaurant won the “Best Burger in Benelux” award using our Gourmet Black Angus Beef Burger.


Best Burger Benelux 2022

The Best Burger Benelux is a competition that is held to determine which catering company prepares the best burger! This competition has competitors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and this year had over 500 contestants entered to try and win the prestigious title but they were no match for our friends at Copains restaurant as they won in a unanimous decision.

The Winning Build

The build that won it off was a brave mix of flavours that caught the attention of the panel of judges. The build consisted of our Big Al’s Black Angus Beef Burger (which was grilled on a self-brought and wood-fired Ofyr barbeque), combined with truffle mayonnaise, blue cheese, smoked ham, arugula lettuce, onion, mushrooms and topped off with an authentic brown bun.

Kurt Singule of Copains  restaurant said that “The blue cheese was a bold choice: a jury member did not like blue cheese at all, but that jury member also thought the hamburger was perfectly balanced.”

Kurt took home the grand prize of a shiny new food trailer as well as the bragging rights to say that his burger really is the best!


Congratulations again to our friends at Copains  !

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