Winner Winner, Chicken Wings Platter!

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Whether it’s a get together with family or friends, or the eagerly awaited office Christmas party, the winter months are definitely perceived as the party season, and you must ensure to perfect your menu as early as possible to make the most of the celebrations.

Sharing plates and tapas-style dishes are becoming ever more popular and have, in recent years turned into meals of their own right. Dining occasions are becoming less and less defined, with consumers more often opting to eat up to five smaller meals a day, as opposed to the traditional three.

As well as offering a snacking and sharing menu, you should consider building menus specifically for events and big gatherings. Chicken wings are one of the most popular foods on sharing menus and platters, after having growing in popularity over the last few years due to the Americana influence on out of home dining. Big Al’s delicious Mesquite Chicken Wings are the perfect ingredient to any party platter. A premium product, Big Al’s Mesquite Chicken Wings are sure to set you apart from your competitors – they are full of flavour and will keep party-goers coming back for more!

Big Al’s Mesquite Chicken Wings are fully cooked meaning they cook from frozen in minutes, removing the need for a professional chef or extensive wastage being a problem. What’s more, they can be cooked to order and served in minutes for hungry merrymakers.

Big Al's Buffalo Chicken Wings

Why not give customers the chance to pick and mix sauces for their poultry platter? From spicy Sriracha sauce to an Asian-style curried dip, or a Christmassy blue cheese drizzle – offer a festive flavour to suit every taste bud!

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